“Total Weather Insurance (TWI) has given me a lot of peace of mind. With some of the limits of federal crop insurance, this is an additional way to insure yourself.”

His Story

There are three things that are important to Greg Mace: faith, family and farm.  Having faith got him through some tough years.  Even though he was born and raised on a farm and is the fifth generation to grow crops, he worked in a factory right out of high school before going back to help his father work the fields.


Greg took over the 1,250 acre family operation in 2002 where he grows corn and beans today. He’s seen it all - not enough rain; then, too much rain.  His wife writes the weather conditions on a calendar every day including temperature, wind, and precipitation levels. When Greg met with his Total Weather Insurance (TWI) agent, he used that data to “take a pencil to it and think about what to do.”

With 15% of his crops uninsured by federal crop insurance, he looked at a TWI policy to cover that gap. Greg’s payout from the Early Season Rain component of his corn policy has already more than paid for his corn and bean policy premiums.

“The Climate Corporation told me the money would come in 10 days and it came in 10 days,” Greg said.  “I can’t say enough about TWI and The Climate Corporation.”

Greg says when he gets up and it’s sunny, he goes out in the field.  If it’s rainy, he goes on the computer and checks the rainfall report.  “And wouldn’t you know I’m going to get paid!”

This year, he doesn’t have all the components of TWI and only insured about 60% of his crop for Early Season Rain, but that’s what he likes about TWI – the ability to tailor and refine the policy to fit his situation.

“This is a really nice program to fit your style and you can work your way into it if you want to. When you’re talking $7 corn and $15 beans, you have to think about a little more protection for yourself.  It’s just something that can give you more peace of mind.”