Exclusive iPad® Offer

Climate FieldView™ has partnered with AT&T on an exclusive iPad® offer. See how you can qualify.

Exclusively for Climate FieldView™ Plus and Climate FieldView™ Pro users, AT&T is now offering a $200 discount on new 9.7” iPad® devices and a 22% discount on Mobile Share Value plans 6GB or higher when you buy a new line of service with a two-year agreement. Along with these discounts, activation costs for new lines will be waived and multiple discounted iPad® devices and services can be purchased. The AT&T® Mobile Share Planner Tool makes it easy to choose a plan for your usage needs.

If you have questions about this promotion contact the Climate Support Team at 888‑924‑7475.

If you have questions about the AT&T data plan or other AT&T specific questions related to this offer, contact AT&T at 800‑331‑0500. Please provide Climate Master Account number: 6993221.

Fine Print:

  • The Climate Corporation and Monsanto employees are not eligible for this offer unless they maintain a paid Climate FieldView™ subscription
  • Customer must maintain a paid Climate FieldView subscription to remain eligible for ongoing 22% data plan discount.
  • Customer must pay monthly AT&T bill; delinquencies beyond 30 days will result in termination of discounted data plan.
  • No data overage charges when exceeding data package. When data allotment is exceeded, speeds are reduced to 128Kbps for the remainder of the current bill cycle.
  • While at reduced speeds, customer will have basic data usage for light e-mail and internet usage. Audio and video streaming, picture and video messaging, gaming, and other data usage, including sponsored data, will be affected and may not work.
  • Learn more here: https://www.att.com/shop/wireless/data-plans.html