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Climate FieldView™ for the 2016 Season

by The Climate Corporation

October 15, 2015


For the upcoming 2016 planting season, we’re excited to announce the launch of our most integrated platform yet: Climate FieldView. Climate FieldView combines the best of both worlds from the Climate Brand and the FieldView® brand to deliver a product for farmers to access their data all from within one single platform. This year, we’re excited to highlight three products to help farmers achieve the best results for their operation.

Climate FieldView ProTM

Formerly known as Climate ProTM, Climate FieldView Pro is our top tier offering providing deep, field-level insights all season long. New this year, we’re introducing an improved nitrogen advisor tool, an update to our Field Health Advisor, which includes an integrated scouting feature, and our new Script Creator tool.

Nitrogen Advisor (“N advisor”) allows you to plan your nitrogen applications in advance and monitor your N levels throughout the season.  Along with your inputs, the N advisor combines historical weather, soil, and crop data to provide you a prediction of whether you will have adequate nitrogen to hit your yield targets. For 2016, we have added a mass data entry feature making it easier for you to create multiple nitrogen application programs and apply them across multiple fields at once.

New this year in Climate FieldView Pro is Script Creator, an easy-to-use tool that will generate customized scripts for your field. Script Creator provides a soil map of your fields, allowing you to create custom zones and ultimately helps you determine what hybrids will be most efficient in that specific type of soil.

In addition to these features, Climate FieldView Pro includes all of the additional features in Climate FieldView PlusTM* and Climate FieldView PrimeTM.


Climate FieldView Drive

Climate FieldView Plus

Formerly know as FieldView, Climate FieldView Plus provides the opportunity to gain increased knowledge of your fields, allowing you to be more efficient and make better decisions throughout the season. Combined with the new Climate FieldView DriveTM, you can see your planting data in real time on your iPad. Climate FieldView Drive will pull your data from the field and store it in the cloud. In addition to these features offered, Climate FieldView Plus includes all of the features in Climate FieldView Prime.

Climate FieldView Prime

Formerly known as Climate BasicTM, Climate FieldView Prime is our free  offering to provide you with daily-decision making tools to plan your day.  With Climate FieldView Prime, you can easily see what weather predictions in your area will be. The scouting tool has been improved this year, allowing you or your trusted advisors to take notes of any potential issues and share them. The scouting feature will allow you to drop a geo-located pin in the field making it easier to locate that specific spot in the field for continuous monitoring.

The new Climate FieldView products are available today and you can get started by downloading the Climate FieldView app in the Apple App Store or in the Google Play Store, or by creating an account on our website.


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