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Harvest 2015 Wrap Up Part 3 – Field Health Advisor

by Corey S.

November 18, 2015


In part 2 of our series, we looked at a story from an Iowa farmer, and how he used Climate FieldView Pro™ Nitrogen Advisor to ensure he was using the optimum amount of nitrogen to maximize yield potential. This week, we look at a couple of farmers who experienced separate issues regarding disease management.

One farmer in Iowa planted two different hybrids next to each other in their field. As the season progressed, the right side of the field progressively showed signs of grey leaf spot. Upon reviewing the historical images in Field Health Advisor from this particular field, the farmer noticed that there were early signs of trouble. The first image below shows the field image from July and the right side of the field is beginning to show signs of issues with the crop. The second image from a couple months later shows that the issue has now turned more serious.

The farmer learned two things from this: to mitigate the impact of the disease he could have applied a fungicide mid season, and the hybrid on that side of the field didn’t perform well. With this information, the farmer now knows which hybrids he won’t be planting in this field next year.

Another farmer experienced an issue with corn rootworm. The farmer took a look at the vegetative map feature using Climate FieldView Pro™ Field Health Advisor. They noticed in a portion of the field that is typically productive some light green colored areas, indicating a lower biomass. Based off of this data, the farmer was able to go to the exact location in the field of where the low biomass readings were occurring. After scouting the crops, the farmer quickly realized that there was a corn rootworm issue. The data allowed the farmer to take quick action and apply an in-crop application of insecticide to reduce the adult beetle population.

Providing powerful data like this and putting it in the hands of farmers has proven to be a crucial tool to a farmer’s success. By having this data available it’s possible to address potential yield threatening issues before they become a larger problem. You can learn more about the products that could benefit you this upcoming season in our Climate FieldView 2016 Products blog post.