Climate FieldView Terminates Platform Partner Agreement with Tillable

February 14, 2020

For attribution to:

Mike Stern, CEO

The Climate Corporation

Based upon feedback from our valued customers, we have decided to discontinue implementation of our platform partnership with Tillable and terminate the agreement.

Our guiding principle is to support and simplify farmers’ operations by making it easy for farmers to share their own data with preferred, self-selected partners. As stated in our privacy policy, we have not, do not and will not share or sell our customers’ personal information or farm data with any third-party platform partners without customers’ consent. 

Customers have full control over who they share their data with, including third-party FieldView platform partners. No data sharing has been enabled with Tillable.  We have no investment interests in Tillable or any of our platform partners. 

Farmers care about how their data is used, and we do too. We adopted a firm stance on farmers’ ownership of their data in 2015, and our position remains unchanged. Customer trust is paramount. We will continue to work to earn it every day.