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Climate FarmRise™ is a digital platform for Android mobile devices. It provides agronomic information and advice relevant to smallholder farmers, helping you make informed decisions to reduce costs, increase yield and get better price for your output. FarmRise provides you with agriculture information in multiple languages that is timely, trusted and accurate.

Market Prices

Commodity pricing for more than 300 markets helps you determine the value of your crop.

Agronomic Advice by Crop

Detailed agronomic insights on topics such as fertilizer application and water, pest and disease management, are provided by scientists and other experts from Climate LLC. Insights are tailored to the specific needs of your field and growth stage of your crop.

Government Schemes

Information and updates on ag-related schemes to ensure you are aware of opportunities that can benefit your farm.

Weather Information

Hourly updates and 10-day forecast to help you plan your work in the field.

Agriculture News 
and Events

Ag news and ag-related event information to educate you on industry developments and opportunities.


Farmer-to-farmer chat lets you interact directly with other farmers, providing a means to share ideas and information.

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Available in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh.