Beyond Data. Decision Agriculture.Increase your profit by over $100 an acre.

Only $15/acre for $100/acre of increased profit

By increasing yield, decreasing cost and saving time, Climate Pro’s advisors and features collectively create over $100 an acre of value on average for corn

Set your plan for the season with confidence

Optimize decisions for the growing season to start the season with the highest yield potential

Anticipate problems before they reduce yield

Identify yield stress from lack of nitrogen, pests, and other causes before they reduce yields; evaluate preventative and curative measures

Optimize your response to events as they happen

As the season unfolds, you will have the information and decision tools necessary to make adjustments and ensure that you’re getting the most out of every acre, no matter what conditions mother nature imposes

Maximize efficiency of your time and budget

Climate Pro™ greatly reduces the amount of time you need to spend gathering data, driving to fields, and scouting crops so that you can focus on making the best decisions

The Climate Technology Platform™


The Climate Technology Platform™ consists of hyper-local weather monitoring, agronomic modeling and high resolution weather simulations.

  • Hyper-local weather monitoring provides assessments of field and sub field-level environmental conditions by incorporating dozens of public and private environmental observation networks and remote sensing systems, coupled with various proprietary and published models to remotely assess weather, soil, and other environmental conditions.
  • Sub field-level agronomic modeling, which represents the intersection of agronomy and data science, predicts outcomes based on soil, weather events, farming practices, Climate’s leading edge research and other key variables.
  • High-resolution weather simulations provide insight into how an increasingly unpredictable climate will impact your operation by incorporating long-range trends, current conditions, forecasts, and climate signals, research and models into a dynamic, full-season probabilistic weather forecast at a very high resolution for each field.

Planting Advisor


Maximize yield by selecting the optimal planting date and relative maturity (RM) for each of your fields based on current conditions and projected seasonal weather.

  • See the Climate Pro™ recommended planting date and RM for each field
  • View the projected yield and peril risks across potential planting dates
  • See how RM and planting date impact projected yield for each field
  • Set your planting plan and update it with optimal decisions if conditions or bad weather impact your planting
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Uses hundreds of thousands of data points from across the country to understand how decisions on planting date, RM, and population, field-specific data like soil type and soil water holding capacity, and weather conditions affect your yield outcomes. These relationships alongside hyperlocal weather data and soil moisture tracking are used to determine the best planting date and RM for your specific fields, soil characteristics and weather. By taking into account 10,000 climate simulations–that can help identify an increased likelihood of a wet or dry year–updated every day, as well as field-specific soil moisture tracking, these recommendations will always take into account the most complete set of information that has ever been available to growers.

Nitrogen Advisor


Manage Nitrogen (N) more effectively by tracking field-level crop available N and getting projections, alerts, and sidedress recommendations to make sure that you know about potential stress due to lack of N before it impacts yield.

  • Don’t wait to see corn stressed from lack of N
  • Anticipate and address N issues before they reduce yield
  • Respond to the weather as the season develops
  • Track how much N your crop will need and how much has been lost
  • Assess whether each field has the adequate level of N for your crop’s yield target
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Uses hyper-local weather data and soil moisture to track nitrogen loss throughout the season. Crop stress is assessed by combining soil process models that determines the Nitrogen directly available to the crop and our Growth Stage Tracker℠ that calculates the nitrogen crop use. Over 10,000 simulations are used each day to estimate the likelihood of nitrogen stress in the future and provide recommendations for sidedress applications. These recommendations are based on the comparison between the financial impact of yield loss and the cost of additional nitrogen application, taking into account up-to-date crop prices and input costs.

Pest & Disease Advisor


Stay on top of pest and disease risk and take the guesswork out of decisions about preventative and curative management.

  • Quickly know when and where to scout and spray
  • Manage an integrated pest and disease management program in one place
  • The Climate Pest & Disease Index™ rating for each field shows you where problems are most likely to occur, helping you prioritize scouting
  • Receive timely alerts to scout for selected pest and diseases to preserve yield
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Our proprietary Climate Pest & Disease Index™ identifies which fields across your operation may be at risk to yield damage from a specific pest and disease to help you efficiently plan an integrated management strategy. The advisor provides alerts for when you should scout, third party scouting reports from local Universities and a map-based full operation overview so you have full visibility into what’s happening on your fields. It uses Growth Stage Tracker℠ in conjunction with environmental models on the Climate Technology Platform™ to estimate pest occurrence and the likelihood of damage to your crop on each of your fields.

Harvest Advisor


Predict when fields will be ready to harvest based on maturity and grain moisture.

  • Improve your harvest planning with projections of the full maturity date for each of your fields, updated daily based on prior day weather
  • Quickly view optimal harvest dates based on targeted crop moisture levels and yield
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Calculates when fields will be ready to harvest across your entire operation. Use a map-based full operation overview to help you develop a harvest plan and respond to change as fast as it comes at you so that you can capture profits. Use weather forecasts and up to 10,000 weather simulations, along with our Growth Stage Tracker℠ and Soil Moisture Tracker℠ to project grain moisture on every field every day during the Harvest Season. 

Field Health Advisor


Get insight into the subfield variability of each of your fields so that you can better plan variable rate practices. See and solve potential problems in your fields as they develop during the season.

  • See how areas of your field perform in years with different weather conditions
  • Use in-season satellite imagery to track vegetative index and identify problems
  • View maps and identify areas on a field for further investigation
  • Understand crop health in the context of soil moisture, growth stage, and other field characteristics
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With satellite data connected to your field, you can identify areas of fields that might require further investigation, saving valuable scouting time and avoiding unnecessary crop loss.  Whether you’re defining your own management zones or using our advanced optimization tools to recommend the best practices for your field and this year’s weather, the Field Health Advisor can save you time as well as thousands of dollars on input costs.