Now Reading: New Podcast Takes You “Around the Farm”

New Podcast Takes You
“Around the Farm”

by Bridget Rupert, Content Marketing Director, Climate LLC

May 10, 2019


Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to stay on top of everything you need to know about agriculture? There’s always another person to meet with, report to review or ag trade publication you need to read to make sure you have timely insights to apply to your operation.

Our new farming podcast is here to help. “Around the Farm” focuses on seasonal topics that are on your mind, and you can listen anywhere, anytime - driving from field to field, in the tractor cab or even while working around the farm. We’ve tapped Climate FieldViewTM team member Clint Chaffer, who is a farmer and digital farming expert, as the host. Clint brings his high-energy personality and sense of humor to conversations with guests that include ag industry experts. Learning valuable insights has never been so entertaining.

Every season, you can expect timely new episodes. The initial episodes are all about planting - covering soil sampling, what happens as seed makes its way to your farm, seed selection and variable rate seeding, and equipment preparation.

Meet Clint Chaffer

The combine in the promotional materials for the podcast is harvesting on Clint’s family farm.

I sat down with Clint to help you get to know the man behind the mic.

BR: I’ve heard that sometimes people have trouble pronouncing your last name. How do you help them remember?
CC: I tell them it’s Chaffer - like the rear end of a combine.

BR: Tell us about your farming and ag background.
CC: I grew up outside Seaton, Ill., on a 1,100 acre corn and soybean farm owned and operated by my mother and father. We raised cattle, goats - and a few wild deer throughout the years. I graduated from Western Illinois University twice. Once with a bachelor’s degree in business, and the second time with my MBA. I’ve spent my entire career in digital agriculture, and I’m still active on the farm when time permits.

Clint and his Grandpa Chaffer feeding their deer Dolly and Rocky.

BR: What is your expertise in your role with Climate FieldView?
CC: I’ve been with Climate FieldView for about four and a half years, primarily in sales and marketing. I spent the first couple of years in the field working closely with farmers as a Climate Business Manager in northwest Illinois. Now I’m a director of product marketing with a focus on our industry partners and crop protection. It’s been so rewarding to be part of the growth of this significant area of ag innovation and contribute to the evolution of FieldView.

Clint and his family, Derik, Kelli and Devin.

BR: If farmers are going to subscribe to a podcast, why should they pick “Around the Farm”?
CC: Listeners will hear from people across the ag industry sharing interesting perspectives from their professional and personal expertise. Even though it’s created by FieldView, we intentionally ensure it’s not all about FieldView. Our unscripted discussion covers all sorts of topics that address real-farm issues. I like to make sure a funny story or two makes it in there as well. If you need more convincing, take a look at this video.

BR: What is your approach on choosing guests for each season?
CC: Well, for my first couple of guests I didn’t get outside of Seaton! I was lucky to have a couple of long-standing friends from my hometown who are ag experts join me to kick off the show. Overall I look for guests with knowledge I know farmers will appreciate. And they have to pass a personality test. Just kidding - but I think listeners will find that all of our guests hold up their end of the conversation really well.

BR: Your podcast is fun to listen to. I think your fans are going to want you to make more episodes beyond a handful each season. Can we expect that could happen?
CC: If we get a lot of listeners and subscribers, I’ll have a great case to be able to make more. In the meantime, I have a hand-held audio recorder that I take with me when I’m in the field or at ag events. I’ve been making some bonus episodes to augment our seasonal schedule.

Sharing Your Ideas and Comments

Clint welcomes your input on the podcast. If you have an idea for a topic or questions you’d like him to answer in future episodes, you can connect with him on Twitter. Our handle is @FieldView - make sure to tag your post with the hashtag #FieldViewClint to ensure that he sees it.

Where to Find “Around the Farm”

Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe to “Around the Farm” on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts. Or you can find episodes on

About The Author
Bridget Rupert directs content marketing at Climate LLC. She works on a team that creates materials that help farmers learn about how digital farming brings their data to life and gives them insights that were never before possible. She holds bachelor’s degrees in English and Journalism from Creighton University. An avid podcast fan, Bridget finds that they make time fly while doing any chore.