FieldView™ enables your farming enterprise to collect, stream and analyze operational data across your entire farming operation. Data is stored in the cloud and accessible across multiple devices and through the web.

Connect Your Operations to FieldView with FieldView™ Drive

The FieldView Drive is a device that plugs into the diagnostic port of your equipment and allows your business to collect streamed data from equipment across your farming operation. That data is securely stored in the cloud enabling simple multi device access for you and all your employees across your enterprise.

FieldView Drive Starter Kit $299
Additional FieldView Drive $249

Free for New Operations**

* Accessible as an add-on purchase for $1/acre

**Farmers new to the Climate FieldView platform, those with expired FieldView subscriptions older than twenty four months and expired Precision Acre subscribers are all eligible. A Technology Stewardship Agreement ID is required to earn the discount. Offer valid for a limited time and subject to change. Individual results may vary. For services information, visit $999/year for existing customers.