Around The Farm

The farming podcast that talks about all things ag. Industry experts share their first-hand knowledge about the seasonal topics that are on your mind - and have some fun along the way.


Episode 12: Harvest Planning in a Challenging Year

With guest Greg Kneubuhler, President and CEO, G&K Concepts Independent Crop Consulting

In a season in which the new normal is abnormal, Greg draws on his expertise as as agronomy consultant to walk through what farmers should be mindful of as they navigate the uncharted territory of this harvest as well as the preparation for the 2020 season. From machine calibration to account for excessive moisture to figuring out fertility, Greg’s insights will help you prepare your path.

Episode 11: How Digital Ag is Increasing Transparency and Reducing Ambiguity

With guests Sam Eathington - Chief Science Officer, The Climate Corporation and Mark Young - Chief Technology Officer, Head of Product, The Climate Corporation

It’s an understatement to say that this year hasn’t been an easy one. When conditions are so far from typical, it can be hard to know if you’re making the best decisions. Sam Eathington and Mark Young, both pioneers of digital farming innovation, talk about how digital tools are increasing the transparency of the performance of seed and other inputs. They explain how this type of year widens the FieldViewTM data set, ultimately resulting in more effective tools and analytics, and they look down the road at the science advancements and product features farmers can expect.

Episode 10: Teaming Up: What’s Different About a Channel® Seedsman

With guest Tony Stierwalt, a farmer from Champaign County, Ill

A key part of a successful season is a farmer’s team. Clint talks to Farmer Tony Stierwalt from Champaign County, Ill. about what sets his Channel® seed team apart. Chris Kamienski, Channel technical agronomist, and Jason Watson, Channel Seedsman, describe Channel’s unique approach and how they provide customized insights all year long to Tony and other Channel customers.

Hear about the in-depth agronomic expertise, regular field evaluations and decision recommendations that make Chris and Jason MVPs for Tony’s operation.

Episode 9: FieldView Behind the Scenes: Setting Customers up for Success

With guest Stephanie Lynch and Juan Mayta, Climate FieldViewTM Customer Success Managers

What does it take to serve up excellent support to customers? Stephanie Lynch and Juan Mayta, customer success managers at Climate FieldView, give a look behind the scenes with their team.

They describe how diverse expertise and cross-team collaboration create a combination that sets their customers up for success. Learn their method for keeping wait times short - even during peak times like planting. And find out why the support team has the coolest wall in the Climate Corporation office.

Episode 8: Leveraging Your Retailer Relationship

With guest Kayla Bennett, Climate FieldViewTM Sales and Seed Support Specialist at Ag View FS

If the many challenges of this difficult planting season have left you with decision fatigue, your retailer may be able to help. Kayla Bennett, Climate FieldView Sales and Seed Support Specialist at Ag View FS, talks about what customers in her area (Princeton, Ill.) are experiencing as well as how her team helps them navigate to their best harvest.

Regular scouting, expertise from crop specialists, satellite imagery assessment, and customized crop protection and fertilization recommendations are all in the arsenal.

Episode 7: A Look at How Far Farming Technology Has Come

With guest Doug Chaffer, Seaton Ill. farmer

In honor of Father’s Day, Clint talks with his dad Doug Chaffer, who farms in Seaton Ill.

Doug reminisces about how far ag technology has come in the 46 seasons he’s been farming. Find out how a rag served as Doug’s first planter monitor, how he evolved his technology over time, and why today he considers FieldViewTM the “pièce de résistance” of farming technology.

Episode 6: Using Drone Imagery to Make In-Season Decisions

With guest Kris Poulson, co-founder at Sentera

Coming out of the cold, wet Spring and the planting delays it brought, Kris Poulson, co-founder at Sentera, talks about how high-resolution drone imagery helps farmers assess field conditions.

From emergence and throughout the growing season, drone imagery helps complete the picture of field conditions. Hear from an expert on when to collect drone images, how to look at image data alongside other key data, and how to use imagery to make important decisions such as whether to replant and if your potential yield warrants investing in input applications.

Episode 5: Turning Moonshots into Real-Farm Innovations

With guest David Macmillan, CEO Deveron UAS

Live from the recent World Agri-Tech Summit in San Francisco, Clint talks with David Macmillan, CEO of Deveron UAS Corp. Deveron is a partner with Climate FieldViewTM and provides farmers with aerial imagery that’s valuable for things like evaluating stand and crop scouting.

David shares his perspective on what it takes to bring moonshots (or big, crazy ideas) to life and how Deveron approaches innovations that deliver real, individualized value to farmers.

Episode 4: Last-Minute Planting Logistics

With guest Scott Chizmar – Precision Farming Specialist

As farmers head into the fields for planting, there are always last-minute adjustments to be made, and that often includes their tractors and planters. Scott Chizmar talks about what he does to help make sure farm implements are running their best, what farmers should do with their planters after planting season, and also takes a look at prepping sprayers and other equipment post emergence for growing season and beyond.

Episode 3: Technology In The Field

With guest Rick Myroup – Climate Product Marketing Director

A self-confessed technology aficionado, Rick talks about how digital farming is changing the game for farmers when it comes to seed selection and variable rate prescriptions. He explains how farmers and their dealers can work together to write seed prescriptions in minutes instead of days or weeks. Rick also shares updates from the recent pre-commercial field trials of Seed Advisor from FieldView™ - a new technology to improve the effectiveness of seed placement.

Episode 2: Seeds Of Spring

With guest Tanner Dunn – Former Seed Dealer & Current Climate Customer Success Specialist

It’s almost time to put seeds in the ground, but have you ever thought about all that goes into getting seeds where they need to go? Tanner, a former seed dealer, discusses what happens as the seed makes its way to your planter – from storage and seed treatments to distribution. And don’t miss his tales of what happens when things don’t go as planned. He also shares his take on why gathering data at planting is key for the rest of the season.

Episode 1: Soil Sampling & Planning To Plant

With guest Bryan Boock – Farmer at Boock Farms and Soil Expert/Sampler

Coming out of a wet fall and harvest season, Bryan discusses what these conditions might mean as spring approaches. He talks tillage implications, seed selection adjustments and other timely planting topics. He also takes a look at how the wet weather affected his soil sampling customers (and his own business), and shares his perspective on soil conditions in his area and how farmers may need to adjust their input strategies.