Measure crop performance with farm data analysis

Analyze yield performance by field, hybrid, soil type or region

Evaluate crop performance

Use digital maps to compare critical field data layers and determine how agronomic practices can impact yield. Generate crop performance reports and pick the best seed for next season.

Compare Maps Side‑by‑Side
Use side-by-side maps to compare critical data layers in your field, including yield, soil maps, application rate, seed population rate and more.
Easily analyze performance by hybrid, soil type, or by your customized regions, so you can make the best agronomic decisions year-round.
Field Region
Use your data layers to identify and save field regions for deeper analysis. Then, measure the impact of your agronomic decisions on yield in each region after harvest.

Using Field Region Report is just very beneficial. If you have a high yielding area in the field you just draw a circle around it and you can see what varieties did the best at what population, or the same thing in a poor yielding area.

Scott Friestad
Illinois Farmer

Use data to analyze your crop performance

Uncover Valuable Field Insights

Field Health Imagery

Uncover valuable field insights with satellite imagery.