Now Reading: Climate Basic: now with account sharing and growing degree days

Climate Basic: now with account sharing and growing degree days

by The Climate Corporation

July 23, 2014

Account Sharing

Ever wished you could share access to your Climate Basic™ account with your agronomist, landlord, crop scout, or someone else you’re working with? Climate now makes it easy.

Just go to “Edit Access” under your Settings menu, and enter the name and email address of the person you want to share with. They’ll receive an email invitation to share your account, and will be able to see all shared fields when they log in. Click here for a step-by-step guide.

Remember, with Climate you own your data, so you can instantly remove access from someone you’ve shared your account with anytime you want.

Growing Degree Days

Since we launched the Growth Stage Tracker in Climate Basic, many of you have been asking if we could provide growing degree days (GDDs). We heard your requests and have just launched GDDs for all of your corn fields in Climate Basic.

To make sure our GDD count is as accurate as possible, we will ask you for your planting date and relative maturity. Once you enter the data, the GDD count will instantly appear alongside your current growth stage. To see the ‘Growth Stage’ layer, click on the dropdown in the top left of the home screen or on any field card.

If you have any thoughts on these new features or anything else, please send them to or call on (888) 924-7475.