Taranis is a precision scouting service leveraging AI-driven insights to provide broad acre awareness and leaf-level accuracy. Taranis combines computer vision algorithms and machine learning to rapidly detect, predict, and alert to changes in crop conditions. This allows growers and their service providers to act with greater precision and confidence to better achieve goals for yield and farm profitability.

How do we connect?

Connecting Taranis SmartScout® and Climate FieldView™ is easy. Simply log into Taranis SmartScout web-application, select “Connect to FieldView”, input your FieldView credentials, and accept the sharing policy. Once SmartScout and FieldView are connected, your images will flow automatically.

What data is shared?

After connecting SmartScout and FieldView, your images will automatically sync. You will instantly see your insight map layers, allowing you to scout, analyze, and compare your images alongside all other FieldView layers. Field boundaries will automatically sync with Taranis SmartScout for all imagery acquisition, operations and analysis.

What is the value?

Through the SmartScout and FieldView partnership, you can be confident all your data is accurate and conveniently accessible from a single program, Climate FieldView. This allows you to view your Taranis imagery and data together with other crop data layers within FieldView. This single point of data allows you to easily scout stressed areas in the field, better plan your actions optimize yield potential and manage input costs.