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Upgrade to FieldView Pro now through May 15, 2018 and start creating advanced seed scripts or view nitrogen status by zone on your fields.

+5 bu/ac Five Additonal Bushels Per Acre
With advanced seed scripting, you can take advantage of an average 5 bu/acre increase compared to farmers who wrote their own scripts.**
With FieldView™ Pro solutions you can:

Optimize yield
and profitability

Optimize yield and profitability by using a combination of historical yield data and satellite imagery to more accurately identify management zones.

Advanced Seed Scripting
+5 bu/ac Five Additonal Bushels Per Acre

Increase Savings

Take advantage of an average $12.31/ac savings (⬆2.66bu/ac, ⬇9.5lbs N) using the nitrogen management tool targeting a status of +15lbs***

Nitrogen Management

*Farmers who purchased FieldView™ Pro from 2/5/18 to 5/15/18 and create a minimum of 1 advanced seed script or view a minimum of 1 field of zone nitrogen status on at least one field are eligible for a refund if they are not satisfied. To receive a refund, farmers will need to call Climate Support. Climate Support will validate that 1 advanced sseed cript has been created or 1 field of zone nitrogen status has been viewed for the account. The farmer can then request their full refund if unsatisfied for any reason. Refund requests must be made before November 16, 2018.
Our services provide estimates or recommendations based on models. These do not guarantee results. Consult your agronomist, commodities broker and other service professionals before making financial, risk management, and farming decisions. More information at

Comparing 281,000 ac in 4,179 fields
More than 25% of field had a script
Products maturity ranges between 95-115 range
Limiting comparisons to the same county; represents 79 counties 10 Midwest states
Minimum of 3 Advanced & DIY Seed scripts in a county to be compared

Nitrogen cost is $0.40
Commodity price $3.20
Median value is $10.10/ac for beta users
Win rate is over 90% of nitrogen managed to the zone level