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How do you move your operation forward? Learning from field data is your starting point.

Upload Field Data

Quickly go from crunching numbers to making decisions. Pair planting with harvest data and instantly see which seed, soil and zone performed best and why.

Make Adjustments

Inconsistencies in your yield data can be easily adjusted for more accurate results. Edit metrics like harvested acres, total wet weight, dry bushels, field moisture and more.

Collaborate with Partners

Stay connected with your agronomic partners and control who can see and access your field data.

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Call, chat, tweet or email to get in touch with our highly trained support team and get answers to all your most pressing questions. Whether you run into problems along the way or just don’t know where to start, don’t hesitate to reach out for virtual or safe in-person help.

Plan With Purpose

Discover more ways FieldView can help you clean up, organize and collaborate with your trusted partners so you’re prepared to make profitable decisions on your farm.

Analyze & Share Crop Performance

Creating a PDF report on how each seed and soil performed is as easy as sending an email. You can quickly compare by soil type, seed and field to inform your decisions for next season. Build and analyze planting, field health and harvest reports from your tablet, phone or desktop.

How To Make Every Field a Test Plot

Learn how farmers are using FieldView to compile valuable data in one place to gain a competitive edge for the planting season.

Where The Journey Began

We’re following one farmer as she continues to carry on her family legacy, four generations later. Watch from the beginning to see where it all started.


Join Us “Around the Farm”

Tune into our podcast as we talk with experts about the seasonal topics that are on your mind — and have some fun along the way.

FieldView Blog: Hear From The Experts

Read up on the FieldView blog to learn about analyzing yield data, conducting soil tests and building seed prescriptions.

A Successful Spring Starts in the Winter

Planning season is a time for preparation, organization and reflection. But after a busy harvest season, strategizing for the upcoming year can feel overwhelming. Luckily, FieldView™ can equip you with knowledge and insights about past seasons’ performance all in one place, so you can easily turn your data into decisions that will position you for success come spring.

Black Gold is Worth the Wait

The techniques and principles of good soil health practices are well known but not widely adopted. Why? Is it because farmers do not care about soil health? Of course not. Is it because farmers can’t think long-term? Not at all. The return on soil health is not something you realize immediately. It takes years, sometimes decades, of practice.

New Tools to Get the Most Out of Your Fertilizer Investment

At Climate, we believe our best ideas come from our customers. We heard concerns about rising fertilizer costs and got to work to help farmers make the most of their inputs. We launched two new scripting functions that make fertilizer and crop protection applications more efficient and easier than ever.