Connect Your Farming Team

Connect Your Farming Team

Scout fields, solve problems and collaborate with your agronomic team.

Your Growing Checklist
Before Growing Season
Check Compatibility
Get Field Health Imagery
Drop Scouting Pins
Create Rainfall Reports
Collect Application Data
Create Spray Reports
Upload Past Planting Data
Connect with Support

See it. Solve it. Done.

When time means money, you need to be able to spot issues early, resolve them quickly and keep everything moving.

Scouting Made Simple

Take pictures, add notes and send the exact location to your scout with a text message or email.

Get the Full Picture of Your Fields

You now have the ability to filter your Field Health Images by Field Name, Low Biomass, or Newest Images so you can take action on the fields that need it most.

Track Field Moisture & Weather

Get a detailed rainfall report over the last 24 hours for every single field. See precisely which fields are ready for an application.


Support That Helps You Grow

We’re here to help via phone, chat or email. We’ll even come out to your farm to offer in-person support. And to dig deeper into FieldView, you can also sign up for our ongoing webinar series to learn the best practices, how-tos, and much more.

Spray. Collect Data. See Results.

Application data can make your decisions more precise and profitable. Get your sprayer or spreader connected and see exactly what worked and what didn’t.

How To Install the FieldView™ Drive

Is your FieldView Drive installed? If not, no problem. We’ve got a video that will walk you through the process in under two minutes.

Create & Share Application Reports

Apply different products at different rates and get a detailed report to measure it all at harvest.

Efficient Growing Takes a Village

See how FieldView makes connecting and sharing data with your retailers and agronomic partners seamless and secure.


Tips, How-Tos & Much More

As you head into the growing season, we’ve compiled all the helpful videos you’ll need into one convenient playlist.

Seasonal Insights From The Experts

The FieldView blog offers a library of knowledge from experts on the FieldView team, Bayer Crop Science, fellow farmers and more. Learn how you can keep your farming team connected and efficient this growing season.

Never Strike Out on Seed Selection Again

What do digital farming and sabermetrics have in common? Learn about the surprising connection between batting average and yield average from seed dealer Mitch Zumbach.

Four Simple Steps to Stop Seedling Disease Before it Starts

Agronomists John Swalwell and Kirsten Thomas-Garriot help us understand how and why seedling disease can emerge and provide four helpful tips for prevention.

Become a Growth Stage Watchdog Without Extra Effort

When it comes to fungicide, timing is everything. Luckily, Mercedes Diaz Arias takes us through how you and your crop scout can use FieldView to keep an eye on disease and fungicide application effectively — and cost-effectively.