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Scout fields, solve problems and collaborate with your agronomic team.

Stay Connected
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Scouting with FieldView™

Monitor every field more efficiently.

Scouting Made Simple

Take pictures, add notes and send the exact location to your scout with a text message or email.

Every Acre in Your Hands

Go beyond the end rows with consistent, high-quality imagery on every single acre.

Monitor Every Raindrop

Get a detailed rainfall report over the last 24 hours for every single field. See precisely which fields are ready for an application.

Connect with Support

Support That Helps You Grow

Call, chat, email or even get on-farm, in-person support. If you have a specific question, reach out directly to the expert support team at (888) 924-7475.

Spray. Collect Data. See Results.

Application data can make your decisions more precise and profitable. Get your sprayer or spreader connected and see exactly what worked and what didn’t.

Track Every Pass

Many sprayers and spreaders are compatible with FieldView. See if your model is eligible for automatic data collection.

Put Trials to the Test

Apply different products, rates and get a detailed report to measure it all at harvest.

How To Install the FieldView™ Drive and Update 20/20

Is your FieldView Drive installed? If not, no problem. We’ve got a video that will walk you through the process in under two minutes—using a 20/20? Learn how you can get the latest update.

What’s New with FieldView?

Update from Greg Deim

FieldView Cab app expert Greg Deim shares some product updates that will be important as you head into the growing season.

What Farmers Are Saying

Meet Tim
Glasgow, Missouri
Meet Justin
Roland, Iowa
Meet Logan
Whitesville, Kentucky

Get the Latest in Digital Farming

The FieldView blog offers a library of seasonal tips, knowledge from experts at The Climate Corporation, Bayer Crop Science, fellow farmers and more. Learn how you can get more out of every acre.

Can AI Be Your Extra Set of Eyes?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are accelerating how farmers and crop scouts can spot field health issues. Sachi Desai, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at The Climate Corporation, explores how this exciting area of innovation will change how farmers monitor fields.

Scouting Lessons from Astronauts and Colonels

What do NASA, the Revolutionary War and Swiss bridges have to do with scouting fields? They all rely on having the right information at the right time. Learn from these fascinating stories of miscommunication.

Satellites Spot the Unexpected

Chris Naylor noticed something unusual in his fields one day. While reviewing vegetation maps on FieldView, something that truly puzzled him was unfolding on his acres. He had to see for himself.