Get the Most Out of the Season

Act quickly, solve problems and maximize your yield with FieldView™.

Your Harvest Checklist
Before You Hit The Field
Keep Data Up-to-Date: Run CloudSync
Turn Off Automatic Software Updates
Streamline Your Harvest Experience: Update FieldView Apps
Review Field Boundaries
See Crop Performance: Upload Planting Data
Input Equipment Information
Easy Automatic Data Collection: Install FieldView™ Drive
Check FieldView Drive and Monitor Connection
Make Hybrid/Variety Names Consistent
Calibrate Combine Header Height

Start harvest. See results. From anywhere.

With instant yield data, you can get ahead of next season before this season ends, whether you’re in the cab or across the country. That’s harvest with FieldView.

Data That Speaks For Itself

Harvest data is only half the story. Upload 2023 planting, side-dress and application data to instantly see what worked, what didn’t and where to improve.

Press button. Update. Done.

Running CloudSync will make sure all planting and growing season data is ready when you need it. The most up-to-date information is one button away.

Map and Review Field Boundaries

Create precise field boundaries to improve the accuracy of your harvest data. When creating or updating field boundaries, make sure to remove treelines, waterways, ditches or any land without crops.


We’re Here For You At Every Pass

Need support? We’re here to help via phone, chat or email. And if you want to dig deeper, we have a library of how-tos that we call “The Knowledge Center.”

Harvest, Step By Step

These tips can help you get the clearest look at every bushel, machine and operator this harvest.

Install the FieldView Drive

Is your FieldView Drive installed? If not, no problem. We can walk you through the process in under two minutes.

Instant Data Collection

By answering just a few questions, you can confirm your equipment is compatible with the FieldView Drive.

Adjust Header Height

Setting your max harvesting height is the key to collecting accurate yield data as you harvest. Not sure where to start? We’ll help walk you through the calibration process.

All Things Digital Farming

FieldView Beyond The Cab

With instant yield data, you can get ahead of next season before this season ends, whether you’re in the cab or across the country. That’s harvest with FieldView.

FieldView Blog: More Harvest Help

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Preparation Made Easy with FieldView

Maximizing your yield means being ready for anything - and with FieldView, now it’s easier than ever. This blog post will help you make sure all your boxes are checked and you’re ready for the harvest with 10 easy ways you can prepare.

Turn Potential Into Reality

Feeling overwhelmed by all the data? Let FieldView’s yield analysis tool do the work for you. See it all and help your hybrids perform their best season after season.

The Truth Behind Your Yield Data

A slight inaccuracy in your yield data can make it impossible to make smart decisions and see accurate results. Fortunately, Andrew Knaack, a farmer and Field Product Specialist, shared some simple strategies to conquer the beast lurking in your performance data.