Datapoint Is Too Small

Down to the most minuscule of details, we test our assumptions on the grandest of scales. Searching an immense library of genetic data all the way to the speed of a tractor driving across a field. Before a recommendation is ever sent to your tablet, it’s been analyzed with advanced, predictive science-driven algorithms. Because close enough is not good enough.

Climate FieldView™ exists to enhance what you know about your fields. Filter through every layer of data to arrive at measured and objective insights. And discover exactly what you need to make each acre more profitable.

Decoding Genetics

One of the world’s largest sources of genetic data helps us find ideal traits for yield potential, disease resistance and drought tolerance. We pull data on millions of acres to learn how specific seeds will perform in real-world scenarios.

Testing Varieties

In just one year alone, we can learn from 50,000 split trials to compare thousands of hybrid combinations. This is crop performance data on an unprecedented scale.

Scanning Soil

Nutrient levels, moisture data, pH and soil type. When you know exactly what soil each seed is planted in, stronger yields are easily within grasp.

Analyzing Elevation

Elevation maps allow us to further dial-in the performance of each crop. Even nuances in the land that are less than a foot of a difference can help dissect high and low points are connected to yield.

Mapping Planter Data

Collecting equipment data can measure variables many have never considered. How fast the planter is moving to the density and treatment of every seed placed in the field. We can test and compare to see what’s truly delivering yield.

Precise Scouting

With just a drop of a pin, farmers and researchers can have instant data on what disease or insect is affecting a specific field. Local data on one farm is helping bring larger trends to light.

Tracking Inputs

Application data can compare how timing, quantity and environmental conditions affect yield. It’s a step beyond what product to use, when, where and how much to apply. Variable rate can be within everyone’s reach.

Monitoring Fields

Flying high above the Earth, satellites allow you to closely monitor your fields. The perspective of an image taken from space allows everyone with a tablet to spot problems before they start.

Weather Data

Measuring factors on the ground, in the sky and from orbit are helping uncover the patterns of Mother Nature. The past, present and predictive data models can forecast what’s ahead in the clouds.

Measuring Yield

The moment the crop hits the combine valuable data is delivered. Analyzing at the field level helps every seed in the ground deliver as much yield as possible. And every learning found in this harvest data informs the next.

Every Field Is Unique

Using FieldView™ year round allows you to make data driven decisions to maximize your return on every acre. Seamlessly collect, store, and visualize critical field data, monitor and measure the impact of your agronomic decisions on crop performance, and manage your field variability by building customized fertility and seeding plans for your fields to optimize yield and maximize profit.