No Wrench Required: How to Prep for the Harvest Season Without Breaking a Sweat

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by Esteban Sanchez, Global Product and Brand Marketing - North America, Climate LLC

August 31, 2020


Harvest is fast approaching. You've got oil that needs changing, zerks that need greasing, and machines that need refueling. But running an operation requires more than engines. It takes hard drives and gigabytes as well. Luckily, tuning-up your digital tools doesn't require any actual tools! Compared to reaching for an oil filter or finding a leaky hose, updating software is a breeze. Here's a list of all the easy stuff you can do to make sure your data collection is firing on all cylinders...or should we say circuits. 

Press Button. Done.

Few things in life are solved by pressing a button. Fortunately, FieldView™ has a couple of easy, one-button solutions for harvest. Running Cloud Sync will ensure all the data you collected over the growing and planting season is in the cloud, and accessible. In the FieldView™ Cab app, just tap “Cloud Sync” on the home screen. Updating both of the FieldView apps can also be completed with just one tap on “Update” in the app store.


Update Your FieldView AppsTurn Off Automatic Software UpdatesRun Cloud SyncCheck Field BoundariesCheck FieldView™ Drive ConnectionUpload Planting DataFix Hybrid/Variety Names


iOS: Don’t Move Until it’s FieldView Approved.

Updating iOS is very different from updating FieldView. On your tablet, go to Settings, General and then Software Updates to turn off Automatic Updates. Our engineering team is putting in a lot of hours to confirm that FieldView and the new iOS 14 will work together. We’ll email you when it’s safe to update iOS.


WHAT VERSION SHOULD I HAVE?FieldView™ Cab App: 9.1.2 - update to 10.0.0 when released in early SeptemberClimate FieldView: 6.12iOS: 13.6.1


Three Clicks. Complete.

Okay. You're done with the one-button tasks. Great job. Now you're ready to check connections. For instance, double-checking your Bluetooth® wireless technology connection between the FieldView™ Drive and your iPad™ is a simple way to be certain you’ll collect harvest data. Or, if you’re using a Precision Planting 20|20 YieldSense monitor, learn how to check that connection.

First, go to the “Settings” app on your tablet. Second, tap on “Bluetooth” to see if your FieldView Drive is connected.

You Memorized it. Make it Right.

Who understands your land better than you? Nobody. That’s why updating your field boundaries will be a piece of cake. The property lines are seared into your brain. The location of that creek or pond is second nature to you. Accurate analytics from FieldView depend on accurate field boundaries. That’s why you need to make sure FieldView is only collecting data on land that has crops growing on it. If you include things like tree lines, that can throw off your yield data.

Go to Log into your account. Click “Edit Fields” and simply click-and-drag to move the field boundaries.

Fix Planting Data Now. Thank Yourself Later.

If you didn’t collect planting data through FieldView (or Precision Planting) this year, you’ll want to upload planting data from last Spring.

While you’re at it, check your hybrid or variety names, treatments, applications and prescriptions. Each hybrid and variety name should be consistent. If you label something like "Hybrid A" or name one hybrid in many different ways, you might have trouble recalling which hybrid you were referring to later.

Stay a Step Ahead Before Harvest Season Hits

For even more tips on getting ready for harvest with FieldView, including calibrating your yield monitor and additional details on fixing existing data in your account, take a look at our harvest checklist from the 2019 harvest year.

How to Contact the FieldView Support Team

During this busy season, our Customer Support Team is offering extended hours to get you connected and collecting data. There are lots of ways to talk to our team.


About the Author

Esteban currently serves as the Global Product Marketing & Branding Lead for North America at Climate LLC. As part of the Global Product Marketing Team, he works closely with FieldView's Commercial, Product, and Science teams to develop, test, and bring new product innovations to farmer-customers and dealers.

He holds master's degrees from Washington University in St. Louis and Babson College and a B.S. degree from Texas A&M University.