FieldView 101

Get started with Climate FieldView in 5 easy steps. 1. Set up your account. 2. Map your fields. 3. Get your historical data into FieldView. 4. Download the apps. 5. Get connected for automatic data collection.

Set Up Your Account

Setting up your account is simple. Just fill out your information on our account creation page. If you already have an account, then you can skip this step!

Map Your Fields

Once you map your field boundaries, you’re on your way getting all your data in FieldView™. Mapping is easy - simply go to, login and follow the steps below.

  • Click “Add a Field” on the bottom of the Fields List pane on the left.
  • Search your field by address, zip code or latitude/longitude or by CLUs (common land units) that will appear as outlined grids of land.
  • Provide a Field Name, Client Name, Farm Name and Approximate Area of the field in order to keep your field information organized in your account.
  • Select your field, adjust boundaries as necessary, select ‘Save’ and you’re set!
Upload Historical Data

Already mapped your fields? You’re just one step away from analyzing your crop performance, so you can make the best input decisions for the coming season. Login to and take the following steps to upload your historical data:

  • Make sure your field files are in a .zip format
  • Click the “Import” tab in the top navigation bar
  • Select your file to upload

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Download Our Apps

Now that you have all your data in, let’s download the Climate FieldView™ apps so you can access your data across your devices, even when you’re on the move. You will need to download two apps - the FieldView™ app and the FieldView™ Cab app.

FieldView App

The FieldView app is the main app and provides access to insights, analysis, and weather information. From your phone or tablet, download the FieldView app and login with your username and password you created when you set up your account.

  Download on the App Store Get on Google Play Available on iOS and Andriod


FieldView Cab App

The FieldView Cab app is a great tool to use while you’re in the cab to provide visualization for every pass in your field. See your planting, harvest, spraying and application maps in real time to monitor your progress and spot potential issues. The FieldView Cab app is currently only compatible with iOS for iPad® devices. To download the FieldView Cab app, search ‘FieldView Cab’ in the App Store. Once the app has downloaded, login with your username and password to get started.

Download on the App Store

Available for iPad® and iPhone® only


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Equipment Setup

Next, get ready to collect your data with the FieldView Cab app. Tap on the Equipment icon to set up your tractors, combines, sprayers, and planters.

Here are some quick videos to walk you through setting up each type of equipment:
Collect Your Data

Collecting data is easy and seamless with the FieldView™ Drive or with a Precision Planting 20/20 monitor. For FieldView Drive, you can determine the compatibility with each piece of your equipment here.

If you are using Precision Planting 20/20 SeedSense® or Precision Planting YieldSense® monitors, the Climate Support team can help get you set up. If your equipment is not yet compatible with FieldView Drive, our Support team is happy to help you navigate that too. Our Support team is available at 888.924.7475.


Sharing Fields With Your Partners

Now that you’re ready to go with FieldView, you may want to share your fields and data with your partners, such as your dealer or agronomist. Sharing is easy and can be done by following these simple steps.