Combyne is a Crop Marketing Management tool built for farmers. Combyne is designed to help you simplify record keeping and enable you to make more informed marketing decisions. You can get a full picture view of your crop inventory and marketed position, as well as your contracts, load tickets, and settlements across multiple buyers. Our goal is to help you better understand your price and delivery risk to optimize the value of every bushel you grow.

Inventory Management

Combyne manages your harvested and projected inventory to help you understand your marketed position. As you add contracts, your inventory updates in real-time so you can see exactly how much of your inventory has been contracted, and how much you have left to sell.

Financial Insights

See your average, minimum, and maximum contract price per commodity to see whether you’re on track, and the estimated total you’ve made for the crop year across your contracts for each crop.

Minimal Typing

Combyne minimizes typing through the use of optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Simply take a picture of your trade document (contracts, load tickets, settlements) and Combyne will automatically parse, digitize, and update your information.