You use Climate FieldView™ to make your agronomic decisions with confidence. When you integrate your field data into Conservis’ farm management system, you’ll see how your decisions impact your bottom line.

How do we connect?

Integrating your Climate FieldView™ as-applied and yield data into Conservis is done though a simple matching process. This one-time, straightforward procedure is detailed in our Integration Guide (found above). All of this occurs with no extra hardware needed and no duplicate data entry required. 

What data is shared?

Once connected, your as-applied and yield data will automatically transfer into Conservis. Conservis then marries your as-applied data with your input costs, becoming the hub of all your farm’s data. With all your activity records in one spot, you can decide to share reports with landowners, regulators, lenders, and trusted advisors using data directly from the field at any point in the season. Whether you choose to share your farm’s data with others is always up to you. At Conservis, we believe you own your data. Period.

What is the value?

Understanding your true cost, including profit per bushel and per acre will help ensure you make informed decisions that yield higher profits. Gain valuable insights into all aspects of the operation including crop plans, inventory management, land ownership and financials. Powered by your own Climate FieldView™ data, Conservis’ Zone Economics empowers you to evaluate and measure field and activity performance using side-by-side comparisons. This tool enables you to see everything that happened on any field zone in a single view.