DroneDeploy is a leading enterprise-grade drone data platform. Trusted by brands globally, DroneDeploy captures every dimension of job sites, fields, and assets, and transforms it into meaningful insights for industries including construction, energy, and agriculture. Through interior and exterior data capture, DroneDeploy enables professional mapping, 3D modeling, and reporting on any device, anywhere in the world.

How do we connect?

Install the Climate FieldView app within your DroneDeploy account, then launch the app and login while planning a flight or viewing a processed map. Easily import existing field boundaries from your Climate FieldView account to plan drone flights, then export the imagery or elevation map data directly to that field once the map has been processed. View and interact with the DroneDeploy map on your Climate FieldView account to assist with scouting or script generation.

What data is shared?

After connecting DroneDeploy with ClimateFieldView, field boundaries will be available to plan flights within DroneDeploy. Processed DroneDeploy elevation or imagery layers can be exported directly to Climate FieldView.

What is the value?

Leveraging aerial and elevation drone data within your Climate FieldView account provides a powerful tool to streamline scouting, validate product trials, visualize data layers side by side, and generate variable prescriptions.