Farmers Mutual Hail

Farmers Mutual Hail uses the planting and harvest data collected through Climate FieldView™ for seamless acreage and production reporting for crop insurance. With more accurately documented planted and non-farmland acres, growers may discover they are over or under reporting for federal programs. By reporting their exact planted and harvested acres, growers can increase their APH, reduce their premiums, and remove the hassle of paperwork. FMH can also use this data for adjusting a crop loss, which reduces the time spent on a claim so growers can be paid even faster.

How do we connect?

The connection between Farmers Mutual Hail and Climate FieldView™ is seamless, secure, and allows you to report acreage or production data in just a few simple clicks. To connect, access your FMH Policyholder Center account, follow the steps to connect your FieldView™ account, and send your data to your agent at planting and harvest.

What data is shared?

Farmers Mutual Hail only uses the data required for acreage or production reporting: crop, plant date, and area data for acreage; wet-weight, moisture, harvest date, and area data for production. Once your data has been exported into the FMH system, your agent will match the data with your policy to generate acreage or production reports to sign – no need to fill out pages of paperwork or have multiple appointments.

What is the value?

You can simplify required federal reporting processes by using your Climate FieldView™ data for FMH crop insurance. The seamless connection saves time, paperwork, and money while increasing efficiencies within your operation. Plus, you can rest assured knowing you are backed by over 125 years of crop insurance expertise, service, and financial strength with America’s Crop Insurance Company, Farmers Mutual Hail.