Pattern Ag

Pattern Ag is a predictive soil analytics company, delivering key insights for crop management decisions. Pattern Ag's dashboard delivers field and sub-field level data for powering next season seed selection, crop protection and fertility planning.

How do we connect?

  • Login to your existing Pattern Ag account.
  • In Pattern, go to Upload shapefiles or planting / harvest data > Connect Outside Accounts and find Climate FieldView.
  • This connection process is further detailed with screenshots in our Integration Guide.

What data is shared?

  • Basic Account Information (name, email, etc)
  • Farm, Field and Boundary data
  • Field Activity data (planting, application, harvest)

What is the value?

  • Easy account setup within Pattern - quickly create accurate, matching boundaries
  • Compare detected threats and nutrient levels against planting and application practices to evaluate protection
  • Push prescription files from Pattern to FieldView