Sentera enables customers to make in-season corrections by providing insights at the field edge. Drones, equipped with Sentera's sensing technology, provide powerful analytics such as stand counts, weed pressure mapping, plant health observations and crop status all delivered through FieldAgent – Sentera’s proprietary analytical engine. All seamlessly integrated with Climate FieldView allowing visibility and collaboration between all components of the customers value stream/workflow.

How do we connect?

The connection between Sentera FieldAgent and Climate FieldView™ is seamless and easy to perform. Simply log into FieldAgent, select the “Login with FieldView” button, input your FieldView credentials, and accept the sharing policy. Once FieldAgent and FieldView are connected, your images will flow automatically.

What data is shared?

After connecting FieldAgent and FieldView, your images will automatically sync. Instantly, you will see your RGB and NDVI layers, allowing you to scout, analyze, and compare your images side-by-side, next to all your other layers.

What is the value?

By leveraging the power of the FieldAgent and FieldView partnership, you can be confident that all of your data is precise, accurate, and accessible from a single program, Climate FieldView. This means you can easily view your Sentera-captured data side-by-side with other crop data layers within FieldView. Once the data is within FieldView, you can easily scout any troubled areas and share any relevant information with other stakeholders.