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Climate FieldView Plus

Streamlined Data Collection and Analysis

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Climate FieldView™ Plus provides seamless data integration for a deeper understanding of your fields to help you make important operating decisions with confidence. Identify problems and take quick action to solve them with field data digitally displayed in real-time as you pass through the fields. With Climate FieldView™ Plus, collect and visualize your data all in one place with the Climate FieldView™ Drive when paired with compatible equipment.

Set your plan for the season with confidence

Climate FieldView™ Plus

  • Data connectivity — Field data, digitally displayed in real-time as they pass through the field, helps farmers identify problems and take quick action to solve them.
  • Field Data Visualization — Easy-to-use digital maps help farmers compare critical farm data layers to understand yield-limiting factors.

Climate FieldView™ Drive

Available in limited quantities for 2016 as an enabling hardware for Climate FieldView™ Plus*.

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  • Automatically captures equipment data by easily connecting to the tractor's CAN Diagnostic port and using Bluetooth to wirelessly map data onto your iPad® and Climate FieldView™ Plus software
  • View your data in digital form as you pass through the field

*In order to use the Climate FieldView™ Drive, you must have compatible equipment.

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