A Farmer’s Journey: FieldView™ Documentary Series

A Farmer's Journey

2021 Mid-America Emmy® Award Winner
FieldView™ Documentary Series

Farmers across the country put their everything into raising a crop each year. Join us in following one American farmer to document what it takes to bring a crop to harvest in 2021. In this special series, Iowa farmer Jerry Seuntjens brings you on the inside of his corn and soybean operation.

Part 1: Meet Jerry

Part 2: Planting Begins

Part 3: Growing Season

NEW: Part 4: Harvest Is Here

Part 1

Meet Jerry

Like many farmers, Jerry is a solo operator, but stays in touch with his brother in Singapore using today’s digital farming tools. Always looking to improve upon last season, Jerry is setting out this year to trial and learn new things that can improve profitability and sustainability on his farm.

“There’s always a better way of doing anything you do, and I always try to look at that option.”

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Part 2

Planting Begins

Join us for the second chapter of “A Farmer’s Journey.” In this episode, you’ll catch up with Jerry just as the planting season hits full throttle.

“I want to get the best I can, out of what was given to me.”

Part 3

Growing Season

Join us for the third episode of “A Farmer’s Journey”. In this episode, Jerry faces some unpredictable challenges during the Summer, while also staying focused on the things that matter most.

“A farmer has to make 150 decisions on their crop every year before it’s even in the bin. We just gotta go with the flow and see what happens. Mother Nature still has control.”

Part 4

Harvest Is Here

Welcome to the fourth and final episode of “A Farmer’s Journey”. This authentic look at a Midwest farming operation in 2021 concludes at harvest. But the hard work is far from over for Jerry as the combine starts rolling.

“Yes, I love the yields that we’re getting, but I’m more excited about seeing the data, to see how it got to that point – good or bad.”

Behind the Scenes

An inside look at the filming of “A Farmer’s Journey” near Kingsley, Iowa. The team spends multiple days filming each episode to capture a slice of Jerry’s experience across each season.