A Farmer’s Journey Season 2
A Mid-America EMMY® Award Winning Series
Each year, farmers go on a journey from planning, to planting, to growing, and finally harvesting their crops. Each season has its own story, and that’s where the magic happens.

2022 Season

2021 Season

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2021 Full-length Feature

Take a look across the entire 2021 season. Jerry Seuntjens brings you inside his operation and shares how FieldView and other new technologies are making a difference for his farm and livelihood.

Behind the Scenes

An inside look at the filming of “A Farmer’s Journey”. The team spends multiple days filming each episode to capture a slice of each farmers experience across the seasons.

Part 4:
Harvest Is Here
Welcome to the fourth and final episode of “A Farmer’s Journey”. This authentic look at a Midwest farming operation in 2021 concludes at harvest. But the hard work is far from over for Jerry as the combine starts rolling.
Part 3:
Growing Season
Join us for the third episode of “A Farmer’s Journey”. In this episode, Jerry faces some unpredictable challenges during the Summer, while also staying focused on the things that matter most.
Part 2:
Planting Begins
Join us for the second chapter of “A Farmer’s Journey.” In this episode, you’ll catch up with Jerry just as the planting season hits full throttle.
Part 1:
Meet Jerry
Like many farmers, Jerry is a solo operator, but stays in touch with his brother in Singapore using today’s digital farming tools. Always looking to improve upon last season, Jerry is setting out this year to trial and learn new things that can improve profitability and sustainability on his farm.
Part 1:
Meet Jacquelyne
Welcome to the first episode of “A Farmer’s Journey Season 2”. Follow Jacquelyne Leffler as she returns to her family farm and helps her father plan for a challenging year. As planning season begins, so does her journey to carry on the legacy her family began four generations ago.
Part 2:
New Life
In part two of this special four-part series, the Lefflers race against the clock to get their corn and soy seeds in the ground - all while managing the needs of their family, community and cattle operation. Now more than ever, it is critical that American farmers supply grain to the world’s table. The Lefflers are one of thousands of American farming families striving to feed communities around the globe. This series chronicles their 2022 season and celebrates the often overlooked backbone of America.
Part 3:
Rain or Shine
The American farmer is a different breed. It has always taken grit and determination to raise a productive crop, but increasingly complex challenges require new solutions. Jacquelyne and her family are living proof of that. Join us as the Leffler's faith is unshaken in episode three of this inspiring four-part story.
Part 4:
Full Circle
Three generations of Midwest farmers tell the story of their family's operation in the final chapter of Season 2 of this special four-part series. We meet back with the Lefflers at harvest season as they recover from unfavorable weather events and look towards the future of their farm.