Stay Connected to Every Pass This Harvest

FieldView™ turns your harvest data into actionable insights across your entire operation.
Run Cloud Sync
Check Compatibility with FieldView™ Drive
Install FieldView Drive
Update FieldView App and the FieldView™ Cab App
Map Field Boundaries
Upload Planting Data
Set Up Harvest Equipment

Get Setup Before You Step Up (Into the Cab)

Let’s make sure your FieldView setup is ready to make the most of this harvest season.

Install the FieldView Drive and Update 20/20

Is your FieldView Drive installed? If not, no problem. We’ve got a video that will walk you through the process in under two minutes. Using a 20/20? Learn how you can get the latest update.

Map Field Boundaries

You know your fields backwards and forwards. But when it comes to creating digital boundaries, you may have included things like treelines or ditches that can lead to inaccurate harvest results. You can correct this by editing your field boundaries.

Run Cloud Sync

Cloud Sync will ensure all the data you collected over the growing and planting season is in the cloud, and accessible. It only takes one button to get started.

Call, chat, tweet or email. We’re here to help.

Open the FieldView app and select "Help" to get in touch with our Customer Support Team. Call us, tweet us at @fieldviewhelp, chat on, or send us an email at If you want to dig deeper, we have a library of how-tos covering a range of topics that we call "The Knowledge Center."

Harvest with FieldView

Get real-time data on how each of your hybrids or varieties are performing across every single acre. You can monitor harvest from the office, in the truck or on the go. And, you can manage every pass with digital farming’s leading platform.

Upload Planting Data

Harvest data is only half of the story. You need both planting and harvest data to get the complete picture of your crop performance.

Connect Your Equipment

By answering just a few questions, you can confirm your equipment is compatible with the FieldView Drive.

Monitor Harvest From Anywhere

See exactly what the operator sees. Remote view can help you diagnose issues, get real-time yield data and monitor multiple combines all without being inside the cab.

Join Us “Around the Farm”
Key Things to Pay Attention to Now

At harvest, accurately collecting yield data joins a large list of things you need to be thinking about. In this episode, Greg Deim, FieldView Cab app product manager, shares quick tips on getting the FieldView Cab app connected and running seamlessly. Plus, you’ll hear more about the latest 10.0 version of the Cab app.

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