Planting Without Boundaries

FieldView brings the entire operation together this planting season, no matter where you are.

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Monitoring your operation from afar.

7 Essential Steps
for a Smooth Start to Planting Season
1. Is your equipment

 I’ve already confirmed.

I’m not sure. How do I check?

Check your equipment’s compatibility at

2. Have you mapped
your field boundaries?
  • If you have already mapped field boundaries, review the boundaries and make sure they are clean.
  • If you need to edit boundaries, log in to your FieldView™ account at
  • Once boundaries are clean, ensure CloudSync is enabled in the FieldView™ Cab app and sync to cloud. If needed, force a CloudSync by clicking the circular arrow and allow the CloudSync process to fully complete. Monitor the CloudSync status on your FieldView Cab app homepage.
Nope. How do I do that?

Learn more about mapping fields with FieldView.

Map your field boundaries or upload historical field data into your FieldView account by
using the Data Inbox tool.

3. Do you have the latest version of the FieldView™ Cab app?
Oh, yeah. Lead on!
What version are we on?

Download or update your FieldView Cab App in the iOS App Store.

4. Here we go! You’re ready to add hybrids and applications.
Done and done! Keep ‘em coming.
Can I get a refresher?

Definitely! Check out our video on collecting data and putting it to work for your operation.

5. Perform a CloudSync to upload your prescriptions into the FieldView™ Cab app.
Got it! Onward!
A little help here, please.

No problem. First, ensure CloudSync is enabled in the FieldView Cab app. Then, if needed, force a CloudSync by clicking the circular arrow and allow the CloudSync process to fully complete. Finally, you can monitor the CloudSync status on your FieldView Cab homepage.

6. Now, let’s set up your equipment.
Let’s do it!

All the info you need to set up equipment in the FieldView™ Cab app - including for planters, sprayers, air seeders, tractors, and combines.

7. Okay! Time to install your FieldView™ Drive and pair it with the FieldView™ Cab app or update your Precision Planting 20/20 SeedSense®.
Way ahead of you.
Is there a 97-second video I could watch to make sure I install it correctly?
Still have questions?
Get in touch!

We’re ready to help make this the best year yet.

Email Us:
Call Us:  888-924-7475
Twitter: @FieldViewHelp

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Planting with FieldView™

You’ll save time and improve productivity with simple seed prescriptions created from your historical yield data that you collected in FieldView. FieldView™ seed scripts technology uses your historical field data to provide you with seed prescriptions that match your profitability goals.

Check Your Compatibility

You will need to know the following components to check compatibility for your planting equipment:

  • Tractor
  • Planter
  • Planter Control Display
  • GPS

Pre-loading Hybrids

Be ready to hit the field this planting season by creating or updating your master hybrid list now.


Make sure you CloudSync so that all of your data is ready and waiting to get to work for you. First, confirm CloudSync is enabled on your iOS device. If needed, you can force a CloudSync by clicking the circular arrow in app and allow the CloudSync process to fully complete. Then you can monitor the CloudSync status on your FieldView™ Cab app home page.

Get Support and Get Back to Work

Help is always a phone call, chat, email or tweet away. If you have a specific question, reach out directly, or if you want to dig deeper into FieldView, check out the Knowledge Center which is full of best practices, how-tos, tips and more.

Get Set Up Before You Step Up
(Into the Cab)

Let’s make sure your FieldView setup is ready to make the most of this Planting Season.

How to Install the FieldView™ Drive and Update 20/20

Is your FieldView Drive installed? If not, no problem. We’ve got a video that will walk you through the process in under two minutes. Using a 20/20? Learn how you can get the latest update.

Setting Up Your Planter

Now, let’s make sure your planter is ready to go. And, guess what? We’ve got a video that can walk you through that process in about two minutes.

How to Get Started Planting with FieldView

Okay! Ready to start planting? We’ve got a comprehensive, downloadable, printable quick start guide for that.

Precision Planting and
FieldView Vidcast
Paving the Way for Planting

Recorded on site at Precision Planting, a new Around the Farm episode gives you an inside look at how the Precision Planting and FieldView teams are working more closely together than ever to help set you up for success during planting season.

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