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Find Insights From Last Season.
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How do you move your operation forward? Learning from data is your starting point.

Let Historical Data Lead the Way

When you pair planting and harvest data on FieldView™, you can see which seed performed best, where they delivered and why. Upload all your field data and get instant yield insights today!

Connect With Your Team. Make Decisions.

Stay connected with your agronomic partners and control who can see and access your field data.

Make Harvest Data More Insightful

If you see inconsistencies in your yield data, you can easily make adjustments in FieldView. Edit metrics like harvested acres, total wet weight, dry bushels and field moisture for more accurate results.

Need Help Uploading Data?
Call, chat, tweet or email. We’re here to help.

Our highly trained support team can help upload historical data onto FieldView. If you run into a problem or are unsure where to start, don’t hesitate to reach out for virtual or safe in-person support.

Share With Ease. See Where To Grow.

Customize your seasonal reporting to a single zone or get a summary of your entire operation. See how this powerful tool can help you build, share and collaborate with PDF reports you can create in minutes.

Break Down Crop Performance

Creating a PDF report on how each seed and soil performed is as easy as sending an email. You can quickly compare by soil type, seed and field to inform your decisions for next season. Build and analyze planting, field health and harvest reports from your tablet, phone or desktop.

Analyze Custom Regions

Take a closer look at specific field zones or regions to see the impact of your agronomic decisions. Field region reports help you understand specific areas in your fields and determine how different agronomic practices can impact performance so you can take action in your field.

How to Create FieldView™ Seed Scripts

A library of 5,000 different hybrids and data from over 800,000 test plots can help you find the right population for every zone. It takes less than five minutes to make a FieldView seed script tailored to your field.

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Read Up. Get Ready for This Season.

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