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The farming podcast that talks about all things ag. Industry experts share their first-hand knowledge about the seasonal topics that are on your mind - and have some fun along the way.


Episode 46: When Things Go Wrong at Harvest

With guest Tanner Dunn, Illinois Farmer and Product Manager of Machine Compatibility at Climate LLC

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In this episode, we’re sharing our stories of when things didn't go as we planned during the harvest season. You might relate to a few of the mis-adventures on Dunn Farms and Chaffer Farms when the hustle and bustle of harvesting leads to a few funny mishaps.

Episode 45: Farm Progress Tour 2021, Part 2

With guests Matt Jungmann, National Events Director, Farm Progress; Nick Longbucco, Coordinator, S.T.A.R.; Kathleen McKittrick, Dekalb Brand Manager, Bayer Crop Science; Chris Allen, Owner, Allen’s Grub Truck

Watch the videocast here.

Did you miss Farm Progress 2021? Or want to relive the fun? Guest host Angella Sharpe has all the highlights of this year’s show. Watch along to see diving dogs, the Asgrow/Dekalb experience, Illinois' best rib-eye sandwich, and test your knowledge at Farm Trivia Showdown game.

Episode 44: Harvest Weather Outlook 2021

With weather expert, Brad Coleman

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What does the rest of autumn have in store for us? Weather expert Brad Colman shares what to expect for the weeks ahead as we push further into harvest season. Plus, we’ll learn more about the upcoming La Niña.

Episode 43: What’s New in Digital Ag at Farm Progress

With guests Tom Eickhoff, senior director of science implementation, Climate LLC; Josh Monken, R&D communications manager, Climate LLC; and Bryce Baker, integrated marketing manager, Precision Planting

Watch the videocast here.

The Farm Progress Show is back! In this episode, Around the Farm heads to Decatur, IL to get an update on what’s being developed in precision and digital farming. Guest host Angella Sharpe takes you on an exclusive tour of the Climate FieldView experience, and connects with Precision Planting to learn about their latest technology.

Episode 42: Getting Harvest Prepped with FieldView

With guest Greg Deim, FieldView Cab App Senior Product Manager, Climate LLC

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At harvest time, there’s no shortage of things on your to-do list. In this episode, we’re helping you check off the digital farming prep. Greg Deim joins the show to share quick tips to make sure your harvest data collection is seamless and accurate.

Episode 41: Women in Agribusiness Roundtable

With guests Kate Danner, Farmer, Longley Farms; Tara Schrock, director of sales, Trelleborg; and Anita Chaffer, Farmer, Chaffer Farms

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Women have always played a vital role in agriculture, and that continues to expand each year. Join us for a conversation with a group representing various agriculture careers and decades of experience. Plus, hear their advice for women considering a future in ag.

Episode 40: Crop Scouting: Troubleshooting Growing Challenges

With guest Shawn Kand, Crop Consultant, Backroads Consulting

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Grab your tape measure and buckle into your side-by-side, scouting season is here. Shawn Kand, a Crop Consultant in Kentucky, shares tips from his 21 years in the field. Follow along for advice on how to tackle growing challenges this year.

Episode 39: A Clear View on Stand Counts and Replanting

With guest Chad Weeks, Sales Specialist, Sentera

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Doing accurate stand counts and making replant decisions can be tough. Join us as we chat about new drone and sensor technology that improves accuracy and saves time -- plus makes it all a little more fun.

Episode 38: The Best (and Worst) of Eating in the Cab

With guest Tanner Dunn, Illinois Farmer and Climate Activation Manager

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It’s planting season, and that means three square meals a day in the cab. What’s your favorite cab meal? What didn’t work so well? Join us as we debate cab cuisine and the best snack options while on the move.

Episode 37: When Things Don’t Go as Planned at Planting

With guest Tanner Dunn, Illinois Farmer and Climate Activation Manager

Watch the videocast here or tune in to the podcast below.

In this episode, we’re sharing real-life stories of when things don’t go as planned during the planting season. You may be able to relate to a few of the adventures on Dunn Farms and Chaffer Farms when the hustle and bustle of planting leads to a few funny mishaps.

Episode 36: Late Spring Weather Outlook

With guest Brad Colman, Director of Weather Strategy, Climate LLC

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What does the rest of spring have in store for us? Weather expert Brad Colman shares what to expect for the weeks ahead as we push further into planting season. Plus, we’ll learn what’s really going on when you hear about El Nino and La Nina.

Episode 35: Better Understanding Your ROI

With guests Chad Groenhagen, Farmer, Circle G Farms & Feedlots and Jeff Nazuka, Business Analyst, Ag-Analytics

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How much time are you spending in spreadsheets trying to understand costs and revenues? In this episode, we’re chatting about tools to help you more easily understand your ROI for each field and management practice to help grow your bottom line.

Episode 34: March Grain Marketing Update

With guest Stephen Nicholson, Grain & Oilseed Analyst, Rabo AgriFinance

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How should you be approaching your marketing plans in the current conditions? In this episode, we get the inside scoop from grain marketing expert Stephen Nicholson. Tune in to hear his perspective on the short and long run trends that could impact your bottom line.

Episode 33: Prepping for Planting 2021

With guests Jeff Samuelson, Iowa Farmer, and Phil Petersen, Seed Department Manager at Cedar County Cooperative

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In this episode, we’re looking ahead to planting ‘21 with two guests based in Cedar County, Iowa. You’ll hear about variable rate seeding strategies and digital tools that are making it easier to maximize the return of every seed.

Episode 32: The Best Farming Advice From Our Guests

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Over the past year, we’ve asked our guests to share the best pieces of advice about farming they’ve received. Now we’ve rounded up all of those pearls of wisdom into a single episode. Tune in to hear what they had to tell us, plus a special announcement from our host Rick.

Episode 31: A Special 2020 Season Finale (Part 2)

With guest Clint Chaffer, Illinois Farmer and Asgrow Brand Manager, Bayer Crop Science

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2020 is drawing to a close, but we have one more special episode to take you into the holidays. On Part 2 of our season finale, we sit down again with former Around the Farm host Clint Chaffer to chat about the unexpected year, plus have some fun as Clint and Rick look back at their adventures in podcasting.

Episode 31: A Special 2020 Season Finale (Part 1)

With guest Clint Chaffer, Illinois Farmer and Asgrow Brand Manager, Bayer Crop Science

Watch the videocast here or tune in to the podcast below.

Welcome to Part 1 of a special two-part season finale of Around the Farm. For the first time in the show’s history, we’re going literally around the farm! Former host Clint Chaffer returns to give you an inside look at his family’s northern Illinois operation. Plus, you’ll hear about harvest results and what strategies won out at Chaffer Farms this year.

Episode 30: How Farmers Can Link Profitability and Sustainability

With guests Jason Lay, Illinois Corn and Soy Farmer and Jeff Seale, Director of Climate Policy & Strategy, Bayer Crop Science

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Earn an additional $10 per acre? Sounds good to us! In this episode, we’re learning about a new carbon capture pilot program from Bayer Crop Science that helps improve farmers’ bottom lines and their long-term soil health. Tune in to find out if this is an opportunity for your operation.

Episode 29: Evaluating Your Grain Marketing Plans

With guest Stephen Nicholson, Senior Analyst - Grains & Oilseeds, Rabo AgriFinance

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In a turbulent year with plenty of uncertainty ahead, how should growers be approaching their marketing plans? Stephen Nicholson, a grain and oilseed market expert, joins this episode of Around the Farm to offer his perspective on the market and share key things you should be thinking about now.

Episode 28: Fall Season Outlook with Weatherman John

With guest John Mioduszewski, Environmental Data Scientist, Bayer Crop Science

Watch the videocast here or tune in to the podcast below.

Autumn is finally here and the harvest season is upon us across the Midwest. On this episode, we’re joined by our resident weather expert, Weatherman John, to get the latest fall forecast to help you prepare for harvesting your fields. Plus, hear how the derecho that impacted parts of the Midwest in August reached its historic proportions.

Episode 27: What’s Ahead for Climate FieldView

With guests Brett Begemann, Chief Operating Officer, Bayer Crop Science and Brian Lutz, Chief Science Officer, Climate LLC

Watch the videocast here.

This episode is an Around the Farm first - we live streamed it on Sept. 17, 2020 to give you a chance to hear more about the latest FieldView R&D advancements, which we shared as part of the Bayer exhibit at the 2020 virtual Farm Progress Show.

Episode 26: Tips to Prep for Harvest with FieldView

With guest Greg Deim, FieldView Cab App Product Manager, Climate LLC

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At harvest, accurately collecting yield data joins a large list of things farmers need to be thinking about. So to help simplify your field data collection, Greg Deim offers quick tips on getting the FieldView Cab app connected and running seamlessly. Plus, you’ll hear more about the latest 10.0 version of the Cab app.

Episode 25: Scouting from a New Vantage Point

With guests Greg Rose, VP of Business Development and Strategy, Intelinair, and Conner Schmidt, Regional Sales Manager, Intelinair

Watch the videocast here or tune in to the podcast below.

Seeing something before it’s visible to the human eye. It seems like science fiction, but it’s happening today across the countryside. In this episode, we’re discussing using aerial tools to improve crop monitoring and scouting. We’re joined by two guests from Intelinair, a leader in field imagery and analysis, to learn how digital services are helping farmers identify issues and opportunities from emergence to harvest.

Episode 24: Crop Scouting Strategies: Boots on the Ground to New Tech Tools

With guest Charlie Beeler, Climate Research Farm Lead, Fort Dodge, IA

Right now, farmers, dealers and crop scouts are working hard to monitor field conditions. In this episode, we’ll explore top strategies to help your scouting efforts. Plus, you’ll hear how digital farming tools are being ground-truthed across the Midwest.

Episode 23: Strategies to Defend Your Yield from Threats

With guests Eric Riley, North America Selective Herbicides Technical Manager, Bayer; Mercedes Diaz, North America Broadacre Fungicide Technical Manager, Bayer; and Ross Recker, US Soy Agronomic Systems Manager, Bayer

It’s growing season, and that means defending your yield against threats. In this episode, three crop protection experts from Bayer Crop Science share the insights you need to help you make decisions when it comes to chemistry and protecting your crops.

Episode 22: Summer Forecast: What You Can Expect for Growing Season

With guest John Mioduszewski, Environmental Data Scientist, Bayer Crop Science

What are the effects of the late spring cold snap, above average soil moisture, and El Niño? Get the latest growing season forecast to help you prepare for summer. “Weatherman John” shares what the weather data is pointing toward for the weeks and months ahead, along with possible impacts on Midwest farmers.

Episode 21: Staying Connected When You Can’t Meet In Person

With guests Lindsey Friel, precision ag specialist, Nutrien, and Aly White, field sales representative, Bayer Crop Science

Coronavirus has changed the way many farmers work with their dealers and advisors. In this episode, our guests share how they’re navigating social distancing to work with their farmer customers and how digital tools are filling the gap. Tune in to get the full story on how you can keep your team connected this season.

Episode 20: How to Make Seed Scripting and Test Plots Easier

With guest Jerry Seuntjens, Iowa Farmer

What farmer would want to have to stay up late writing scripts before planting, or repeatedly jump out of the cab to place marker flags for test plots? In this episode, Iowa corn and soybean farmer Jerry Seuntjens tells us how he has used digital tools to improve scripting and more easily execute test plots. He also shares his perspective about the need to improve rural broadband access.

Episode 19: Planting Forecast: What Does Mother Nature Have in Store for Us?

With guest John Mioduszewski, Environmental Modeling Scientist, Bayer Crop Science

Coming out of a rain-soaked 2019 planting season, what do the skies have in store for us this year? Weather expert John Mioduszewski joins the show to tell us what to expect for planting in the weeks and months ahead, and he shares his top tools for keeping tabs on the weather.

Episode 18: Precision Planting and FieldView: Paving the Way for Planting

With guests Emil Bandy, Product Support Software Lead, Precision Planting; Bryce Baker, Marketing Communications Manager, Precision Planting; and Greg Deim, FieldView Cab App Product Manager, Climate LLC

Onsite at Precision Planting, Rick gives you an inside look at the latest precision ag innovations. You’ll also hear how the Precision Planting and FieldViewTM teams are working more closely together than ever to help set you up for success during planting season.

Episode 17: Where Will Digitization Take Farming?

With guest Mark Young, Chief Technology Officer, Head of Product, Climate LLC

It seems like data is top of mind throughout every industry these days. Mark Young, CTO and head of product at Climate LLC, grew up on a farm, so he understands the potential of ag data from both a tech and real-farm perspective. Farming data collection is expanding faster each year, and more data opens the door to better, faster insights. Listen in as Mark “takes the governor off” to share his thoughts on where digitization is taking us. Plus, hear what he says is the one thing you should be doing even if digital tools are not yet in your toolbox.

Episode 16: Gaining Control of Farm Management

With guests Pat Christie, Founder at Conservis and Chris Olson, General Manager at Rabo AgriFinance

You didn’t get into farming to spend all day looking at spreadsheets. Guests Pat Christie, Founder at Conservis and Chris Olson, General Manager at Rabo AgriFinance, discuss how farm management software helps you gain control over multiple aspects of your operation. They explain how digital tools make organizing and analyzing farm management data faster, easier and more effective and help you home in on your cost of production, sharpen your approach to grain marketing and streamline preparation for effective discussions with your lender.

Episode 15: The New Way to Optimize Grain Marketing

With guest Brennan Turner, CEO of FarmLead

Grain marketing is one of the more challenging aspects of farming. Brennan Turner explains how a digital grain marketplace makes it easier to make a deal on your terms. You’ll hear how Brennan combined experience from his family farm, his career in professional hockey and his time on Wall Street to develop a new grain trading technology. Find out how digital trading tools can make it easier to manage your current grain buying relationships as well as find new ones, and learn Brennan’s three rules for building a solid grain marketing plan.

Episode 14: The Problem with Benchmarking for Seed Selection

With guest Sam Eathington - Chief Science Officer, Climate LLC

Do you use benchmarking to help inform seed decisions? Sam Eathington explains why when it comes to accurately evaluating seed performance and selection, benchmarking falls short. The broad approach of benchmarking misses a host of variables - from weather to interdependent agronomic factors to human bias. Sam provides advice on when to use benchmarking vs. when to run your own experiments, and he shares the experiments he and his brothers have conducted on their own family farm.

Read more about Sam’s insights on benchmarking in his article that appeared on

Episode 13: Maximizing Yield in a Lengthy Harvest

With guests Brent Sharff, a farmer from Maynard, Iowa and Chris Souder, Midwest regional agronomy lead at Bayer Crop Science

For many farmers, this harvest season is going to be a long one. Brent Sharff, a farmer from Maynard, Iowa and Chris Souder, Midwest regional agronomy lead at Bayer Crop Science, discuss handling a harvest that could go all the way into December, sharing their tips on how to get as much grain into the bin as possible. You’ll want to hear about Brent’s experiences with his June-planted corn and Chris’ advice on evaluating crop performance in order to select seed in such an unusual year.

Episode 12: Harvest Planning in a Challenging Year

With guest Greg Kneubuhler, President and CEO, G&K Concepts Independent Crop Consulting

In a season in which the new normal is abnormal, Greg draws on his expertise as as agronomy consultant to walk through what farmers should be mindful of as they navigate the uncharted territory of this harvest as well as the preparation for the 2020 season. From machine calibration to account for excessive moisture to figuring out fertility, Greg’s insights will help you prepare your path.

Episode 11: How Digital Ag is Increasing Transparency and Reducing Ambiguity

With guests Sam Eathington - Chief Science Officer, Climate LLC and Mark Young - Chief Technology Officer, Head of Product, Climate LLC

It’s an understatement to say that this year hasn’t been an easy one. When conditions are so far from typical, it can be hard to know if you’re making the best decisions. Sam Eathington and Mark Young, both pioneers of digital farming innovation, talk about how digital tools are increasing the transparency of the performance of seed and other inputs. They explain how this type of year widens the FieldViewTM data set, ultimately resulting in more effective tools and analytics, and they look down the road at the science advancements and product features farmers can expect.

Episode 10: Teaming Up: What’s Different About a Channel® Seedsman

With guest Tony Stierwalt, a farmer from Champaign County, Ill

A key part of a successful season is a farmer’s team. Clint talks to Farmer Tony Stierwalt from Champaign County, Ill. about what sets his Channel® seed team apart. Chris Kamienski, Channel technical agronomist, and Jason Watson, Channel Seedsman, describe Channel’s unique approach and how they provide customized insights all year long to Tony and other Channel customers.

Hear about the in-depth agronomic expertise, regular field evaluations and decision recommendations that make Chris and Jason MVPs for Tony’s operation.

Episode 9: FieldView Behind the Scenes: Setting Customers up for Success

With guest Stephanie Lynch and Juan Mayta, Climate FieldViewTM Customer Success Managers

What does it take to serve up excellent support to customers? Stephanie Lynch and Juan Mayta, customer success managers at Climate FieldView, give a look behind the scenes with their team.

They describe how diverse expertise and cross-team collaboration create a combination that sets their customers up for success. Learn their method for keeping wait times short - even during peak times like planting. And find out why the support team has the coolest wall in the Climate LLC office.

Episode 8: Leveraging Your Retailer Relationship

With guest Kayla Bennett, Climate FieldViewTM Sales and Seed Support Specialist at Ag View FS

If the many challenges of this difficult planting season have left you with decision fatigue, your retailer may be able to help. Kayla Bennett, Climate FieldView Sales and Seed Support Specialist at Ag View FS, talks about what customers in her area (Princeton, Ill.) are experiencing as well as how her team helps them navigate to their best harvest.

Regular scouting, expertise from crop specialists, satellite imagery assessment, and customized crop protection and fertilization recommendations are all in the arsenal.

Episode 7: A Look at How Far Farming Technology Has Come

With guest Doug Chaffer, Seaton Ill. farmer

In honor of Father’s Day, Clint talks with his dad Doug Chaffer, who farms in Seaton Ill.

Doug reminisces about how far ag technology has come in the 46 seasons he’s been farming. Find out how a rag served as Doug’s first planter monitor, how he evolved his technology over time, and why today he considers FieldViewTM the “pièce de résistance” of farming technology.

Episode 6: Using Drone Imagery to Make In-Season Decisions

With guest Kris Poulson, co-founder at Sentera

Coming out of the cold, wet Spring and the planting delays it brought, Kris Poulson, co-founder at Sentera, talks about how high-resolution drone imagery helps farmers assess field conditions.

From emergence and throughout the growing season, drone imagery helps complete the picture of field conditions. Hear from an expert on when to collect drone images, how to look at image data alongside other key data, and how to use imagery to make important decisions such as whether to replant and if your potential yield warrants investing in input applications.

Episode 5: Turning Moonshots into Real-Farm Innovations

With guest David Macmillan, CEO Deveron UAS

Live from the recent World Agri-Tech Summit in San Francisco, Clint talks with David Macmillan, CEO of Deveron UAS Corp. Deveron is a partner with Climate FieldViewTM and provides farmers with aerial imagery that’s valuable for things like evaluating stand and crop scouting.

David shares his perspective on what it takes to bring moonshots (or big, crazy ideas) to life and how Deveron approaches innovations that deliver real, individualized value to farmers.

Episode 4: Last-Minute Planting Logistics

With guest Scott Chizmar – Precision Farming Specialist

As farmers head into the fields for planting, there are always last-minute adjustments to be made, and that often includes their tractors and planters. Scott Chizmar talks about what he does to help make sure farm implements are running their best, what farmers should do with their planters after planting season, and also takes a look at prepping sprayers and other equipment post emergence for growing season and beyond.

Episode 3: Technology In The Field

With guest Rick Myroup – Climate Product Marketing Director

A self-confessed technology aficionado, Rick talks about how digital farming is changing the game for farmers when it comes to seed selection and variable rate prescriptions. He explains how farmers and their dealers can work together to write seed prescriptions in minutes instead of days or weeks. Rick also shares updates from the recent pre-commercial field trials of Seed Advisor from FieldView™ - a new technology to improve the effectiveness of seed placement.

Episode 2: Seeds Of Spring

With guest Tanner Dunn – Former Seed Dealer & Current Climate Customer Success Specialist

It’s almost time to put seeds in the ground, but have you ever thought about all that goes into getting seeds where they need to go? Tanner, a former seed dealer, discusses what happens as the seed makes its way to your planter – from storage and seed treatments to distribution. And don’t miss his tales of what happens when things don’t go as planned. He also shares his take on why gathering data at planting is key for the rest of the season.

Episode 1: Soil Sampling & Planning To Plant

With guest Bryan Boock – Farmer at Boock Farms and Soil Expert/Sampler

Coming out of a wet fall and harvest season, Bryan discusses what these conditions might mean as spring approaches. He talks tillage implications, seed selection adjustments and other timely planting topics. He also takes a look at how the wet weather affected his soil sampling customers (and his own business), and shares his perspective on soil conditions in his area and how farmers may need to adjust their input strategies.