FieldView and Combyne platform integration helps farmers better manage grain marketing and build profitability insights

October 30, 2023

Bayer improves farm marketing outcomes with new connectivity option between the platforms

TORNOTO and ST. LOUIS, ON (October 30, 2023) – Climate FieldViewTM, the flagship digital farming product from Bayer, has announced a platform integration with Combyne, its recently acquired crop marketing management tool.

Through this new capability, grain farmers in Canada and the United States will be able to connect their agronomic data in FieldView to their marketing data in Combyne, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

Data insights are becoming an important part of modern farming, and FieldView is helping farmers collect and analyze data, providing accurate tracking from seed to harvest so they can better understand crop input performance and overall yield results. Now farmers have the option to transfer accurate seeded acres and yield metrics from FieldView, making it easier to track the total bushels they have to market and associated marketing insights through Combyne, without needing to export, upload, and enter their data twice.

"From crop planning through crop marketing, farmers should be able to connect digital platforms that support their operations,” said Brandon Rinkenberger, Chief Customer Officer for Climate LLC and Digital Farming at Bayer. “The new integration between Combyne and FieldView provides our customers with further capabilities to put their data to work – saving time by eliminating double data entry, increasing confidence when making timely sale decisions, and ultimately improving marketing outcomes for farmers.”

Combyne is a crop marketing record-keeping and decision-making support tool that consolidates key information related to grain storage balances, contracts, deliveries, and settlements across multiple buyers, and net overall marketed positions per crop. Once initiated by a farmer, Combyne’s platform can now incorporate actual in-field data from FieldView for a fuller and more accurate picture of current year harvest totals and projections for future years to easily update crop contract and storage positions, and enable up-to-date crop marketing decisions. Combyne also allows farmers to manage all their grain trade documents in one place so they have a clear view on their contractual commitments, delivery statuses, storage positions, and cash flow projections from grain sales, making it easier to manage contract risk and delivery logistics.

“With accurate bushel quantities populating your marketed positions, you can better manage things like how forward contracted you are, how much of your harvest is already committed, and where things stand when it comes to your storage and deliveries,” said Combyne Ag CEO Alain Goubau. “By working with FieldView, delivered grain outcomes in Combyne can eventually be connected back to the fields they originated from and the management choices made on those fields, for better mapping of quality specs such as grade and dockage from delivered loads. This also lays the foundation for field-level profitability insights – mapping actual revenue from sold crops against cost of production per field.”

FieldView is a global, industry-leading digital platform. Through its suite of easy-to-use data visualization and analysis tools, farmers have a single platform to unite data from each piece of their precision equipment and access those insights from anywhere with a smartphone, tablet device or computer, giving farmers a deeper understanding of their fields so they can make more informed operating decisions to optimize yields & maximize efficiency. Contact your local FieldView dealer or visit (United States) or (Canada) for more information.

Both Combyne and FieldView are Ag Data Transparent certified and are committed to ensuring users remain in control of their information. Client data is managed responsibly, and privacy is protected to the highest standards. To learn more about the FieldView and Combyne integration please visit the integration webpage.


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Combyne was founded in 2019 with a shared passion for empowering farmers to take control of their crop marketing. By taking a farmer-centric approach to their software product development, Combyne helps farmers simplify and consolidate marketable grain quantities, grain sale record keeping, and stored grain positions to ultimately make more informed grain marketing decisions.