Podcast Nov. 19, 2018

Podcast: The Age of Digital Agriculture - Seed Advisor

The way farmers use data is constantly evolving. Educated guesses and hand-written notes progressed to spreadsheets and digital maps. Today, advanced models with machine learning technology are ushering in a new chapter of predictive analytics in agriculture.

Seed Advisor, a new Climate FieldView™ feature set for a limited launch in 2019 and Climate’s first dealer-delivered tool, uses predictive seed selection and placement technology to deliver on three areas of value: the right product, at the right population, in the right field.

Hear from CTO and Head of Product Mark Young and Science Placement Lead Tonya Ehlmann on how Seed Advisor went from concept to commercialization, where Climate LLC is heading as a company, and why predictive analytics will play a major role in agricultural technology moving forward.

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