From Field to Market: Keep Track of Every Bushel with Combyne

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May 21, 2024
Callum Nesbitt
Product Marketing Manager

It’s no secret that success in agriculture comes from making informed decisions and managing risk, but this is often easier said than done. Not only do growers have to understand the science behind growing, they have to understand the market forces behind turning a profit. Enter Combyne, a tool designed to help farmers take control of managing their crop marketing information. Let’s dive deeper into Combyne and learn more about how it works together with FieldView™ to help growers with the revenue side of running a farm.

What is Combyne?

Combyne gives growers a big picture view of their marketable crops, from projected yields to harvested quantities and storage. But what makes it unique is its ease of use. Using Combyne Capture, their document reading technology feature allows farmers to quickly capture transaction details and keep a digital reference copy of their documents by simply snapping a photo. This way, they can effortlessly keep track of important details from their contracts, load tickets, and settlements—no more mountains of paperwork or cumbersome spreadsheets. Combyne puts everything they need in the palm of their hand so they can make more confident decisions.

A Valuable Partnership for Year-Round Field Management

The partnership between Combyne and FieldView helps growers bridge the gap between crop marketing and field management. Through Combyne’s API platform, FieldView users can easily import harvest data into Combyne without the hassle of entering it manually. This not only saves them time and ensures accuracy, but also provides growers with a holistic view of their operation, from the field to the market.

But that’s just the beginning. Whether it’s tracking profitability to-date throughout the growing season or understanding changes to break-even as cost-of-production fluctuates, Combyne gives growers everything they need in one place so they can be prepared for any scenario. And it’s not limited to the office.

With Combyne’s mobile-friendly design, growers can access all of their information on the go.

This minimizes disruptions to their workflow and gives them the flexibility to make more informed decisions quicker. As Combyne evolves, with features like profitability analysis and collaboration with their grain marketing advisor, growers will continue to gain deeper visibility into their grain marketing year-round. And as Combyne’s integrations evolve, they plan to establish a two-way street, allowing data from Combyne to flow back into FieldView to give users even more visibility between what’s happening in the field and on the marketing side.

The Impact of Collaborative Ag-Tech Solutions

The integration of Combyne and FieldView proves the power of collaboration in driving positive change for growers. By leveraging the combined capabilities of these platforms, growers can gain deeper insights into their operations, and stay ahead in an ever-changing agricultural landscape.

About the Author

Callum Nesbitt is the Product Marketing Manager for Combyne. In his role, Callum works across multi-functional teams to implement digital marketing campaigns, differentiating the platform’s crop marketing management capabilities and optimizing end-to-end decisions for growers. Acquired by Bayer in 2022, Combyne was founded in 2019 with a shared passion for empowering farmers to take control of their crop marketing. By taking a farmer-centric approach to their R&D, Combyne helps farmers simplify record keeping and manage crop inventory to ultimately make more informed grain marketing decisions. Callum is based in Victoria, British Columbia, and holds a B.A. from Queen’s University.