Our Data Privacy Principles Put You in the Driver’s Seat

We know you care about how your data is used. And we do, too. That’s why when you use FieldView, you can feel confident that our commitment to data privacy ensures that you own your data, we do not sell your data, and you control how your data is shared.


Why Collect Data?

Better products and more yield. You want to know how an input performs on as many different farms, soil types, and climates as possible. This data helps Bayer Crop Science develop better seed and create prescriptions that are tailored not just to your zip code, but to your individual field zones. We collect data to help us develop better products, and to help you become more profitable.


You Own Your Data

FieldView users own their farm data. From the very beginning, we made the important decision that all the yield, planting, and scouting data you provide to us is and always will be owned by you.


Your Data is Not For Sale

FieldView users choose who they share their data with. We use FieldView data to help improve the effectiveness of Bayer Crop Science’s seed and crop protection portfolio products to better serve you. We will not sell your data.


Your Permission is Required

We do not share customer data with third parties without your consent. Third-party platform or agronomic partners will not see your data unless you choose to share or link your accounts with them. FieldView customers are in the driver’s seat.


We’ll Safeguard Your Data

We’re constantly improving our systems to protect your farm data and do not use your data in any way other than what you agreed to in the terms of service.  If you have privacy concerns, you can always request to deactivate your account by contacting customer support at (888) 924-7475. Or, if you wish to delete your account permanently, you can do so by submitting this form.