Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Team Connected with FieldView™


Share Field Data

Give dealers, crop scouts or employees access to information they need to make collaboration fast and easy. As always, you control who has access to your account. 


Remotely Monitor Field Activities

Get instant help solving problems from the cab. RemoteView can send someone a real-time view of your iPad® monitor—so they can see what you see. When you’re finished, you can end the session and get back to work, or choose to continue having progress monitored remotely.


Get Application Data

Field conditions, application rates and timing are logged as you execute in the field. While you’re spraying, you’ll also get a real-time view of important weather factors like wind speed and more.


Create Spray Reports on Any Field

Link your custom applicator to capture as-applied maps or static-rate maps. Using this data, you can build PDF reports for things like cost-splitting or compliance, and share the report via email or text message.


Track Focus Areas

Create and send a PDF report in minutes on the entire operation, or share only a custom zone inside a field. No matter where you are, you can give others access to create their own saved regions or view ones you created to solve and plan together.


Check Field Trials and Crop Health

You and your team can access imagery from satellites, drones and other tools to track emergence and in-season crop health on field trials, test plots, or for all your acres.


Share Field Locations

Your dealer, seed rep, crop scout or anyone else you choose can have a single shared map detailing precisely where each field boundary starts and ends. Give them access to the entire operation or restrict it to a single field.


Scout By Dropping Pins

See a problem? Send your crop scout the exact GPS coordinates. You can also add comments, attach images to each pin, and have the time and date automatically logged for future reference.


Watch Weather Reports on Each Field

Get real-time, built-in radar, season-to-date rainfall, and 10-year weather history on every single field. All your trusted advisors can use this information to collaborate on changing field conditions.


Get Help and Get Back to Work

Call us at 1-888-924-7475, chat with us on, email, or connect on Twitter @FieldViewHelp for help with troubleshooting. We also have a library of how-tos and step-by-step instructions on creating split trials, making a .zip file, and everything in between.