MyAgData is a cloud-based system that simplifies acreage and production reporting. Climate customers can flow FieldView data to MyAgData to simplify acreage reporting to crop insurers and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). MyAgData formats the data to meet the reporting requirements of crop insurance companies and produces reports by land or geography. MyAgData is also fully compliant with USDA's Acreage Crop Reporting Streamlining Initiative (ACRSI).

How do we connect?

Climate FieldView™ Plus users can share planting and harvest maps with MyAgData®. After logging into FieldView, select the fields you want to share, then create a Sharing Key. MyAgData uses the Sharing Key to complete the connection and access your Field Map files.

What data is shared?

When you connect FieldView and MyAgData®, your as-applied planting data is kept up-to-date in near real time to ensure that you accurately report acres and pay crop insurance premiums only on actual planted acres.

What is the value?

You already have the data. Why not get more value from it? MyAgData users can upload their precision ag data recorded during planting and harvesting to a system that delivers the data directly to their crop insurance agent and county FSA office. Just see your agent, get your report and head over to the FSA. It’s that simple.