NAU Country

NAU Country has a well-deserved reputation for providing outstanding customer service to our agents and farmers, and is an industry leader in innovative technology. It is key to remain innovative and forward-thinking in agriculture! We believe the same concept applies to crop insurance. We continue to research and develop new technologies to serve you. When service, technology, and security are important, there is no better choice than partnering with NAU Country.

How do we connect?

Seamlessly transfer planting or harvest data from FieldView to NAU Country’s Precision Farming Dashboard! Simply log into NAU Country’s Farmer Portal and choose the “Precision Farming” tab. Select the “Cloud Import” tab and click “+Add Connection” to add your FieldView connection (if you have not done so already). Input your FieldView credentials and accept the sharing policy. Once NAU Country and FieldView are connected, your data will flow automatically.

What is data is shared?

The connection between NAU Country Precision Farming Dashboard and Climate FieldView™ transfers planting and harvest data into our processing systems and allows easy acreage and production reporting.

What is the value?

By enabling farmers to use their data to streamline operation reporting, we are saving time and reducing errors in the reporting process. This provides farmers and their agents a more simplified reporting experience, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This partnership builds out new ways to help farmers remain profitable in current market conditions, and that’s what makes our partnership with Climate LLC exciting!