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Advancing Innovation for Climate FieldView

by Sam Eathington, Chief Scientist

August 29, 2017


What if you could diagnose a corn disease impacting your field with your smartphone? Would it change how you managed the problem? Would you trust it as much as a trained eye?

I’ll cut the suspense and fess up that even experts in the field struggle with this. Many corn diseases and other environmental stresses still look far too similar to the naked eye. But here’s what I love about technological innovation - we can build algorithms that “see” better than our eyes. With advances in artificial intelligence such as deep learning, this very challenge - corn disease diagnosis - is something my team is working on for Climate FieldView™; and we’re making great progress.

Sound more like science fiction than science fact? That’s why I’m sharing our latest, cutting-edge advancements with you as the chief scientist for Climate LLC. It’s my team’s job to discover new, predictive methods to make farming better. I’m excited to share that we’re working on some incredibly cool enhancements for future releases of FieldView™.

In the short time since we first announced our innovation pipeline this past January, we already have a number of research initiatives advancing. Sufficient progress to begin sharing our R&D advancements not once, but twice a year.

This unprecedented move excites me; it excited my whole team. Every day we’re exploring beneath the surface of agricultural science to better understand the interdependencies that drive yield - so we can help you make management decisions with increased confidence. This is our opportunity to give you an update on the leading edge of science and innovation happening right now in digital agriculture. Here are a few highlights:

  • Field Insights: Corn Disease Diagnosis & Identification
    Using deep learning, an artificial intelligence (AI) technique, our R&D model can already identify and diagnose nine corn diseases in real time. Because of key model advancements, we're adding more corn diseases to the portfolio, previously announced in January.  Disease insights will help you protect yield from in-season threats. Project advancing from concept to development phase in the innovation pipeline.
  • Fertility: Manual Fertility Scripting (N, P, K, Lime)
    Expanded manual fertility scripting is our next step in delivering a comprehensive fertility solution that goes beyond nitrogen monitoring by zone. We’re adding phosphorus, potassium, and lime as fertility options to build your customized management plan - helping save you time, optimize inputs, and increase productivity. NEW in Climate FieldView in 2018.
  • Seeds and Planting: Advanced Seed Scripting Enhancements
    Advanced seed scripting uses historical yield data, combined with our proprietary field testing results, to provide you with seed planting prescriptions tailored to your unique yield goals. We’re building on this tool for the 2018 season with the addition of management zones derived from field health imagery. Adding imagery as a second option means that more than 80 percent of corn acres in the United States can now use Climate's advanced seed scripting capabilities. NEW in Climate FieldView in 2018.

Stepping back, you can see the transformation of agriculture happening in real time. At Climate, our advances in digital agriculture are significant and quickly evolving. We’re making progress on a number of fronts, including several not covered in detail here, like equipment compatibility expansion and data inbox and visualization improvements. Here’s a complete look at our innovation pipeline and advancing initiatives:

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We are thrilled to open our doors to you - so you always know the latest developments, research goals, and product enhancements coming to FieldView. I thank you for your trust, business, and partnership. I look forward to checking in regularly to share more on how we’re doing.


Twitter: @SamEathington