(App)etite For Technology On The Farm: Meet Greg Deim, New Cab App Senior Product Manager

by Erin Mohan, Global R&D Communication Senior Manager, Climate LLC

November 14, 2019


Today, most of our lives rely on apps. Whether we need to wake up in the morning, order a cup of coffee or navigate to avoid traffic—all while listening to our favorite podcast—apps have made everything just a click away.

FieldView™ continues to lead the industry with the most compatible real-time data cab monitoring app, reshaping agriculture for present and future generations. We recently welcomed Greg Deim as new senior product manager for our Cab app. I sat down to talk with Greg and found that his love of farming is only matched by his love of technology. 

"I want to continue to grow and foster a collaborative relationship to bring the best tools to our customers"

EM: Tell us a bit about your background in agriculture.

GD: I grew up in Swea City, Iowa on a 2,000-plus acre corn and soybean farm. I graduated from Iowa State University (go Cyclones!) with a Bachelor of Science in Ag Systems Technology. From a young age, I knew I wanted to work in agriculture. In high school, I was introduced to precision ag, specifically yield monitors, which changed the game for me—I knew this was the future of ag…and my future as well. 

Greg and his wife Amy and sons Cooper and Aiden.


EM: What excites you most about your new role? 

GD: In farming I love knowing we’re making a difference with the land and resources we’ve been given. I see the FieldView Cab app as an essential and accessible partner. I want to continue to grow and foster a collaborative relationship to bring the best tools to our customers.


EM: What makes you passionate about the FieldView Cab app compared to other digital farming platforms?

GD: It’s a simple but powerful tool which feeds enhanced management decisions—and ultimately ROI. Growers don’t need bells and whistles, they need a product that’s easy to use so that it can touch every generation. That ease of use also makes it more likely for customers to share their data, which leads to better insights—not only about their own farms, but also the surrounding area when they share with trusted advisors who can tie what they’re seeing in their operation to the wider picture in their geography. But I’d say the most important reason is that the Cab app is color blind when it comes to ensuring that our customers have a tool to collect all their data. The first step is connectivity, only then will they be able to unlock the value in digital farming.


EM: You’re not new to FieldView, you’re basically an old pro…

GD: (Laughs) Not that old. But I have been using FieldView on my family farm for six years, and as an early adopter I was able to see firsthand the benefits of new technology. I realized that not only could I improve my family farm’s profitability, but I could help my neighbors and eventually customers as a FieldView dealer. 

Greg with John Jansen, vice president of Agronomic Services at Climate LLC.


EM: What do you see as key advancements that have propelled technology in agriculture?

GD: Cloud storage has been a game-changer, making data more widely accessible and almost infinitely scalable. Improvements in mobile connectivity can connect farmers to data more easily and affordably. And now, as I travel to farms and meet with customers, I like to reflect on truly how far we have come. I’ll tell you, it’s amazing to see where we are now versus where my dad, brother and I were 17 years ago in the early days of our family’s first yield monitor.

Greg with his dad Craig and brother Justin.


EM: Ok, last question. If you could choose any job in the world, besides what you are doing now, what would it be?

GD: I would love to travel the world as a food criticfunny enough it’s fairly similar to my new role, just earlier in the development stage. 


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