Built Around You: How FieldView™ Support Goes Beyond Troubleshooting

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October 29, 2021
Tom Verseman
Regional Experience Team Lead at Climate LLC
Krista Russell
Customer Experience Advocate at Climate LLC

Whether you’re still harvesting and need to make the most of your time, or you’re ready to start analyzing your yield data for next season, the FieldView Customer Experience team is built around one goal: keeping your operation running smoothly during crunch-time.

We know that when you need support, you want to quickly access help, get your problem solved and get back to work. So we give you many ways to get in touch and get what you need — you can call us at 1-888-924-7475, tweet us @FieldViewHelp, email us at support@climate.com, or explore a library of product guides and tutorials.

Here are the top-five reasons why you can rest assured that our team of highly trained, knowledgeable and service-oriented people won’t rest until you’re having the best possible experience with FieldView.

We Listen First

A key part of our training is to listen intently. When you call in, we’ll ask you questions designed to give us the clues we need to quickly navigate your issue. It's similar to when you take your car or truck into a mechanic and they ask about the last time you changed your oil, your battery's age, if the problem happens on a cold day or a hot day, etc. A seasoned mechanic doesn’t expect you to know the answer; they find it for you. Every time we pick up the phone, we’re ready to listen.

We Have Farm Equipment and Technology Specialists

Farming equipment is always changing. New products can have differences from prior versions that are slight or significant. Getting all of these pieces of equipment to work with FieldView is something we’re always improving upon, and our team is well versed in helping you navigate the solution for your unique setup. Regardless of the color of your combine, planter or sprayer, someone on our team is familiar with your setup. 

Not only does our team include colleagues with degrees in precision agriculture and agriculture systems management, but team members also focus on building specialties. From generalists with a wide range of product knowledge to experts who focus on topics like data management, our team has you covered.

We’re All About Customer Experience

Our Support team, of course, includes tech experts who help you troubleshoot issues. But did you know that we also have people dedicated to proactively looking for ways that you could be using FieldView to add even more value to your operation? That’s right — we reach out to customers to provide insights and guidance customized to how you’re currently using FieldView, and how you could get more out of your subscription. Even if you’ve never needed our Support team for an issue, don’t be surprised if we call you to ensure you're having a great experience!

“I've [used] four or five different platforms but ultimately it looked to me, like Climate is going to be the easiest, and I'm going to have the most support.”

— Rick DeGroote, Iowa Farmer

We Track Ourselves

When you call in, we’re measuring the length of your call and the time it takes to solve the issue. At the end of each week, we go over call reports and see where we could improve. At this time of year, you could say this is like our own harvest summary report.

“Climate FieldView's support staff is spot on.”

— Kristy Lammers, Iowa Dealer

We’ve Got Your Back!

Your busy season is our busy season. During the jam-packed times of preparing for planting and checking off all your to-dos for harvest, we offer extended hours of support. This is yet another way we're invested in customer success. If you run into an issue, call us and we’ll work hard to help you keep your harvest running smoothly. Once your harvest is complete, we can help you ensure your data is in your account and ready to help you analyze what worked to prepare for next season.

We hope your 2021 season has been great, and remember, we’re only a phone call away at 888-924-7475.

About the Authors

Tom Verseman is a Regional Experience Team Lead at Climate LLC. Tom is one of two leads for the Customer Experience Team, and his team partners with farmers, dealers, and internal employees. He is passionate about helping them maximize the value of FieldView’s digital agriculture tools. He holds a Bachelor of Science in General Studies from the University of Missouri.

Krista Russell is a Customer Experience Advocate at Climate LLC. At Climate, Krista is dedicated to ensuring growers have the best experience possible with Field View. By serving as a knowledge base and working cross functionally with internal teams, Krista provides growers with valuable insights and proactive support so they can get the most out of their data. With roots in rural Illinois, Krista has always had a strong passion for supporting the agriculture industry. Krista holds a B.S. from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in Agricultural Systems and Education and a M.S. from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in Environmental Science, where she focused her research on Agriculture Policy and Spatial Imagery.