Reinventing the Ride Along: RemoteView with FieldView™

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May 13, 2021
Clayton Kolling
Channel® Seedsman

Fieldview Drive Racing Helmet

As a seed dealer, an important part of my role in your operation is helping you give the products you buy the best chance at success. That means I like to stay close to your fields during the season, and I may ask to join you in the cab to get a close-up view. 

However, there’s a way to extend the traditional ride along. After I leave your operation, with your permission, I can stay connected to what’s happening in the fields. Digital tools can provide remote access to your operation in real time, with in-depth answers based on your field data.

Give Partners the Complete Picture

I place a lot of value on communication. The more I know about your fields, the better I can serve you. But you don’t have time to give me a masterclass on your operation. That’s why data-sharing through FieldView, including features like RemoteView, are so essential. When you give me permission, I can see firsthand, without being there in person, how decisions you’re making are connected to your performance. 

Let Your Dealers Work Ahead

Farmers tell dealers that we always want to talk about seed too early. Before this year’s seed is completely harvested, someone like me comes by and starts talking about early cash discounts and promotions. I get it. But the beauty of RemoteView is you can put me to work before you’re ready to start discussing next year’s hybrids and varieties. 

If you keep running into a specific issue in the field, or have trouble with a certain population, I can spot that on RemoteView and start working on a solution for next year. And come harvest, RemoteView becomes even more valuable by providing real-time performance data.

When Tim Brand, a farmer in Missouri, needs help from his dealer, he often turns to RemoteView. They can work together and solve problems out in the field without being in the same place.

Show Us the Problem, Right Now

Explaining an equipment issue can be a challenge. Questions like, “Is it a grinding or a humming kind of sound?” can be hard to answer. I find it’s similar to when you go to the doctor, and they ask if it’s a “sharp pain” or a “dull pain”? I don’t know, doc, take an X-ray and see for yourself. Consider RemoteView as an X-ray for your farming equipment. 

For example, last year, one farmer who uses FieldView was spraying his crops and noticed something unusual on his sprayer toolbar. Looking at his application map on FieldView, he noticed his application rate was changing every few feet, moving way off his target. Rather than diagnosing it all by himself, or explaining it over the phone to his dealer, this farmer turned on RemoteView so the dealer could see exactly what was happening. You can cut out a lot of the back-and-forth by using RemoteView.

You Control Remote Access

Like with all data-sharing on FieldView, you are in the driver’s seat. When a dealer requests to view remotely, you have to select “Allow” to begin the session. And, you can simply select “Disconnect” to stop sharing at any time. So this season, I want to encourage you to try RemoteView with your agronomic partner. Face-to-face conversations are still important. But when you’re short on time or need help right now, RemoteView is a great tool to use.

About the Author

Clayton grew up on a family ranch in Northwest Nebraska. He took his lifelong passion for agriculture into his studies at Doane College where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in management. After graduating, he began working for Channel® Seed as a district sales manager, then moved to Simplot Grower Solutions before becoming a Channel® Seedsman with Northwest Ag Supply, LLC in 2019.