What Should You Be Asking Your Digital Farming Partners About How Your Data is Used?

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by John Raines, Missouri farmer and Chief Commercial Officer, Climate LLC

May 4, 2020


Recently on the FieldView™ blog, I shared our perspective on FieldView’s stewardship of farmers’ data, as well as the opportunities that having field data all in one place can offer farmers. Since then, I’ve had the chance to hear directly from farmers with operations of different sizes regarding how they think about data privacy. One theme that is clear from those conversations — with the rapid growth of digital farming, it’s hard to keep up with how your farming partners may be using your data. 

As a farmer myself, I understand. I gave some thought to how to make it easier for you to evaluate the factors that help you decide which agriculture partners you want to give access to your data. And I think it can be boiled down to five questions you can ask any digital farming partner you’re considering working with. With those five questions in mind, I drafted an article about data privacy and ownership that was recently published by PrecisionAg.  

Click HERE to read the article. And I’d love to hear your thoughts — you can reach out to me on Twitter at @jmrainesfarms.

“Farmers have every right to ensure [their data] is used appropriately, and only in ways they acknowledge and approve.”
John Raines, Chief Commercial Officer, Climate LLC


Five Questions to Ask Your Digital Farming Partners


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John Raines leads global commercial sales and operations for Climate LLC. His team brings the best of agronomic science, data science and software together to benefit farmers. On his farms in Missouri, John raises corn, soy, cotton and peanuts. He has a B.S. in Agricultural Systems Management from the University of Missouri – Columbia.